Cochem Castle, Cochem-Zell, Germany (with Map & Photos)

Cochem Castle (Reichsburg Cochem) is a fortress located in the city of the same name, in Germany. It is located in the vicinity of one of the main historical communication routes between France and the German country and on a rocky promontory that outcrops on the banks of the Moselle river.

Cochem Castle
Cochem Castle

Undoubtedly, this romantic castle will enchant you when you visit it, since both from there and when observing it from afar and from above, you will have spectacular views. We invite you to know it in depth below.

The history of this German Castle

The origin of this beautiful castle seems to be around the year 1000 of our era. However, we do not have documentary evidence of this until the year 1051, at which time it is mentioned on the occasion of the transfer made by Queen Richeza of Poland to her nephew, Count Enrique.

Thus, it is believed that its construction is due to Count Ezzo, Richeza's father and Enrique's uncle. It is a castle in an idyllic and very well located place that, since the 12th century, began to be coveted by the lords of the area. Especially during the 12th and 13th centuries, the castle was involved in a series of disputes between warriors from nearby towns and constantly changed hands.

However, it would be in 1689, during the reign of Louis XIV of France and the wars of the League of Augsburg, when the castle suffers the most. French troops destroyed the castle along with the city of Cochem; the Reichsburg Cochem was completely in ruins for almost 200 years. Shortly after, it was the Napoleonic troops who occupied it and ended up ruining it.

Cochem Castle
Cochem Castle

Basic characteristics of Cochem Castle

The Cochem Castle that we see today is very different from the original construction that stood until its destruction by the French. Of the old structure, only the four bell towers and the so-called "witch tower" could be recovered, but the rest of the castle had to be redone.

Therefore, the fortress that we see today began to take shape from the year 1868. That year Louis Ravenet, a Berlin-based Prussian merchant, bought the property. At that time, the remodeling and recovery works of the castle began, which were more of a new creation.

The Castle of Cochem thus acquired a German neo-Gothic style, since at that time - 19th century - the romantic style reigned in all its artistic facets.

Hence, around it we find a large garden of colorful bushes and flowers. This castle has a garden that created a trend and that meant that the rest of the lords and wealthy people of the area began to design their gardens and recover castles that had been forgotten.

How to visit Cochem Castle

Currently, the castle is owned by the city of Cochem, and of course, its main attraction. It is impressive not only for its imposing exterior image, but also for the treasures it guards inside. You will be able to know all this through the visits and guided walks that are carried out throughout the castle.

Of the rooms that you will be able to visit, the dining room stands out, with its characteristic Renaissance style and its elegant carvings made of wood; the gothic hall of the ladies, with its furniture and paintings from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; the Romanesque room, with its vaults and decorated ceilings in which its old trunks from the 17th century stand out.

Cochem Castle
Cochem Castle

Also very interesting are the hunting room, in which hunting trophies are exhibited, and the weapons room, which shows various armor of the time. In addition, the hall of ceremonies stands out above all, which is the largest and where you can see a fireplace protected by two heraldic lions, as well as some replicas of paintings by Titian and Rubens.

A place with history and mysteries

Beyond all that has been said, it is also curious that a passageway approximately one kilometer long connects the Castillo de Cochem with the Monastery of the Capuchins. It is a secret passageway that has been preserved, as well as a huge well about 50 meters deep located in the garden.

As you will see, this castle is one of those places that you cannot miss on your trip through Germany. Beyond the fortress itself, in its surroundings you can visit the city of Cochem, the river and the Moselle valley and enjoy that historical air that the Reichsburg Cochem has prepared for you.

Cochem Castle Map