Isle Royale National Park, Michigan (with Map & Photos)

Isle Royale National Park is a US national park on Isle Royale and the neighboring islands in Lake Superior, Michigan. Isle Royal National Park was founded on April 3, 1940; named in 1976 the National Wildlife Region; and made by the International Biosphere Reserve in 1980. Isle Royale National Park covers 894 square miles (2,320 km2), with 209 square miles (540 km2) above the water. The reserve is located on the border between Canada and the United States, where it meets the borders of the Canadian National Reserve.

Isle Royale National Park is open every year from April 16 to October 31. The island is closed from November 1st to April 15th due to extreme winter weather conditions and for the safety and protection of visitors. This closure extends 4.5 miles from the island's lake. The park's headquarters for winter is in Houghton, Michigan. The summer headquarters are located on Mott Island on the Isle Royale National Park.

Isle Royale National Park
Isle Royale National Park

How to get there

By Commercial Flight The closest commercial airport to Isle Royale National Park is Thunder Bay International Airport (YQT IATA) in Ontario, Canada. Served by Canadian Airlines. Highway 61 links Thunder Bay with Grand Portage, Minnesota, from where you can get to the park by ferry.

The second closest airport is Houghton County Memorial Airport (CMX IATA) in Houghton, Michigan, which also has ferry connections to the park. United Airlines is the only commercial carrier at the airport. There is also a float plane service (see below) from the airport to Isle Royale.

Isle Royale National Park Map