Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada (with Map & Photos)

Cape Breton Island is located in the northeastern part of Canada, in the province of Nova Scotia. It is separated from the mainland by the Canso Strait, and on the west side of it, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is Prince Edward Island. The locals call Cape Breton the "Land of Mists".

Cape Breton Island Canada
Cape Breton Island Canada

The History of the Island

Originally, the ancestors of the ancient people of Mikmak (mi'kmaq) lived here. Beginning in the 16th century, numerous settlers began to come to Cape Breton Island, seeking a better life. They were attracted to these places by the opportunity to go fishing and hunting.

Cape Breton Island Canada
Cape Breton Island Canada

Geography and Population of the Island

Cape Breton Island covers an area of ​​10,311 sq. km. In the center of the island there is an interesting object - a lagoon-lake with salt water, Bra-d'Or. Its area can vary from 932 sq. km up to 1099 sq. km depending on the tide.

Cape Breton Island Canada
Cape Breton Island Canada

The highest point of the island is Mount White Hill, which is 532 meters above sea level. The Cape Breton mountains are composed of crystalline rocks and covered with taiga. The island is connected to the mainland of Canada by the Canso Causeway, 1.3 km long.

On the Cape Breton Island, according to the 2011 census, read 136 thousand people. The bulk of the population is white, and 3.6% is an indigenous people, the Mikmaks.

Cape Breton Island Canada
Cape Breton Island Canada

What to see on Cape Breton Island?

Tourists do not visit these places very often, but there is a lot of interesting things here. Here's what to see when you arrive on the island:

  1. Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It is located in the north of the island, on the plateau of the same name. The fauna and flora of the park represent both the south of Canada and its northern part. The park has 25 km of hiking trails, and along it stretches one of the most spectacular highways in the world - the Cabot Trail.
  2. Whale Research Center. There are 16 species of these mammals found near Cape Breton Island.
  3. Center for Design and Crafts. Here visitors can buy unique products from local craftsmen.
  4. A. Graham Bell Museum. Located in the estate of the inventor of the telephone.
  5. Membertou Heritage Park Museum. This place is dedicated to the local member Indians.
  6. Highland Village Open Air Museum. Here you can get acquainted with the Gaelic culture.
  7. North Highlands Community Museum. Its exhibitions tell about the life of the first settlers of the northern part of Cape Breton Island.

How to get to Cape Breton Island?

Cape Breton IslandCanada - There is an airport on the island, so the most convenient way to get there is by plane. The nearest major airports are located in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

Cape Breton Island Map