Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia and Herzegovina (with Photos)

The Sutjeska National Park is one of the oldest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, between Gacko and Focaubicándose, near the border with Montenegro. Within this place considered one of the most beautiful and interesting there are several monuments made in honor of the battles that took place there, showing an imposing nature sign of beauty and delight. In fact, it is one of the only places in Europe where there are still virgin forests! Today we are going to show you a simple route that will help you guide you through the most important visiting points.

Sutjeska National Park Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sutjeska National Park Bosnia and Herzegovina

What to see in Sutjeska National Park?

  • The maglić is a great example of natural preservation of flora and fauna, and there you can see in full detail to the brown bear and the wild wolf. The mountains that surround it are one of the samples of the great natural beauty that this Park and its surroundings have, having peaks that exceed 2000 meters in height. Climbing and hiking are two of the favorite activities for adventurers who drop by here.

  • Near the Park you can reach the Sokolina Reserve, where the lush forests of the Serbian spruce are found, with coniferous, beech and pine forests.

  • The cannon that is located next to the Sutjeska River is one of the most representative symbols of the arduous battles that the ancestors fought, along with the large statue that recounts the fight between Germans and Yugoslavs.

Sutjeska National Park Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sutjeska National Park Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • The Valley of Heroes is one of the most fascinating manifestations of fanciful and somewhat surreal style architecture, displaying highly creative and original creations. The design that rests in the park made by Miodrag Zivkovic, is one of the most representative with the shape of what appear to be two wings and a central circle of several silver balsamic, alluding to the freedom and honor of all those who fought and they survived.

  • The 75-meter waterfall known as Skakavac, is one of the most beautiful in the world, having in the surroundings a viewpoint from where you can enjoy its image for as long as you want.
  • The Perucica forest is one of the oldest in Europe, with beech trees over 60 meters high, being an amazing image for visitors.

Sutjeska National Park Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sutjeska National Park Bosnia and Herzegovina

Where to stay and what activities to practice in Sutjeska National Park?

  • In the park you can have access to different " villas " or to campsites such as the Tjentište campsite, to the north, with access to drinking water, showers and toilets, having at your disposal an accessible price and a lot of freedom when choosing the place you want. you like it more, being able to rest next to the river.

What to taste in Sutjeska National Park?

  • If you want to try one of the local products, you will surely like to know that the inhabitants of the towns near the Park make an alcoholic artisanal drink made from plums, being one of the most famous and best tasting drinks in the place. They will also offer you typical recipes such as sarma, made from a mixture of rice, minced meat and tomato (all wrapped in a grape leaf) or cevapcici, meat sausages that are served with onion and a special sauce.

Sutjeska National Park Map