Grand Canyon Village, Arizona, USA (with Map & Photos)

There is also a special morning route Hiker's Express, which can quickly take you from Grand Canyon Village (Arizona) right to the beginning of the South Kaibab Trail (where the trail starts inside the canyon), and on the way it makes a stop near the Backcountry Information Center, where you can get your ready-made backcountry permit (you need to apply in advance).

Grand Canyon Village Arizona
Grand Canyon Village Arizona

  • Grand Canyon Village
  • Visitor Center
  • Market Plaza
  • Hermits Rest Road (from Grand Canyon Village West)
  • Desert View Road (from Grand Canyon Village West)
  • Inside the canyon - Colorado River Valley and Phantom Ranch

In addition to the tourist zone inside the park, buses go to the city of Tasayan (this is convenient for those tourists who stay there at the hotel), as well as between the northern and southern parts of the park.

Grand Canyon Village Arizona
Grand Canyon Village Arizona

On a bicycle (or scooter) - this is convenient for those who like to pedal in nature. There are almost no slides in the southern part of the park and it is very convenient to ride on two wheels. In the northern part of the park there is a large difference in altitude and only mountain bikes are suitable there. All visitors have the opportunity from April 1 to October 31 to rent a bike directly in the Grand Canyon near the Visitor Center and next to the Mather Point observation deck.

Where to eat

There are many restaurants and cafes in the park. On South Rim they are mostly found in hotels in the Grand Canyon Village, but there are also shops in the Hermit's Rest and Desert View areas and even supermarkets in Market Plaza where you can buy food, drinks and whatever your heart desires. North Rim also has a number of restaurants and buffets in the Grand Canyon Lodge area.

You can have a bite to eat in the towns closest to the park - Tasayan (South Rome) and Jacob Lake (North Rome).

Grand Canyon Village Arizona
Grand Canyon Village Arizona

If you plan to camp overnight, we recommend purchasing groceries in advance in one of the stores (for example, in Flagstaff, where there are a number of large supermarkets, including Walmart). You will have to cook yourself - on a fire or on a gas burner. There are no problems with food in the lodges in the park, you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner there or in any cafe or restaurant on the territory of or outside the Grand Canyon Village.


You can refuel your car in the Grand Canyon Park in the Desert View area (South Rome) or near North Rim Campgroung in North Rome. We recommend taking a trip through the national park with a full tank of fuel.

Grand Canyon Village Arizona
Grand Canyon Village Arizona

On the territory of the Grand Canyon Park, mobile communications are not everywhere, but only in the most visited places by tourists, so you should not rely on constant Internet access. If there is no mobile Internet, then you can connect to the free Internet in the park (Wi-Fi) in the following places:

  • Park Headquarters - at the park administration, Wi-Fi is available on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00, you can also use a computer from 8:00 to 16:30;
  • Canyon Village Market Deli - Free Wi-Fi from 8:00 to 18:00;
  • Community Library - access to WiFi and shared computers daily from 10:30 to 17:00, except Sunday;
  • In the lobby of hotels and lodges - Wi-Fi is available around the clock, but for a fee.

Grand Canyon Park features

As you already understood, the territory of the Grand Canyon Park is very large and is divided by a canyon into two parts. To view it, you must plan your visit to the park in advance, as well as book hotels, tours and, if necessary, obtain special permits from the administration.

Grand Canyon Village Arizona
Grand Canyon Village Arizona

Helpful Hint: Since there are a lot of visitors to the park in the summer in the Grand Canyon, you need to think about your route through the park, visiting viewpoints and sightseeing in such a way as to avoid crowds of tourists if possible. If so, your Grand Canyon trip will not disappoint you and you will be satisfied!

The procedure for obtaining a permit:

The park administration accepts preliminary applications all year round from everyone wishing to go hiking in the Grand Canyon by fax, mail or by personal contact. Applications by phone and e-mail are not considered by the administration.

You can get a ready-made wilderness overnight permit from the Backcountry Information Center in the Grand Canyon Village early in the morning. The permit is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

The cost of the Grand Canyon Park permit is $ 10, plus $ 8 per person and each animal (horse, mule) overnight in the Colorado River Valley, or $ 8 for a group overnight on top of the canyon.

Grand Canyon Village Map