Sentosa Island 2024: Best Places to Visit (with Map & Photos)

Sentosa Island is the main place of recreation for Singaporeans. On the small island, you will find beaches, cultural visits, and various attractions.

Sentosa Island Singapore
Sentosa Island Singapore

At the end of the 19th century, the British made Sentosa a defensive fortress. It was in 1967 that the island was returned to the government and became a vacation destination.

As a curiosity, Sentosa Island is the southernmost point of the Asian continent. Although it sounds (and is) excessively touristy, do not miss the visit to take the typical photo at the corresponding point.


Sentosa Island has 3.2 kilometers of coastline divided into three small beaches: Siloso, Palawan, and Tanjong. Get to know them and choose your favorite.

Sentosa Island Singapore
Sentosa Island Singapore

Singapore's beaches are man-made and cut off from the ocean by levees, so don't expect big waves. In return, they offer the possibility of practicing sports such as volleyball, soccer, cycling, skating, or kayaking.

On the beaches of Sentosa Island, you will also find toilets, showers, lockers, and even wireless internet access points.

To go from one beach to another you can use the tram that runs along the coast, it is free.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach is the youngest and liveliest beach in Singapore. On this beach, there are several volleyball nets and it is the preferred one for sports.

Sentosa Island Singapore
Siloso Beach, the liveliest beach in Singapore

In Siloso you will find a Café del Mar franchise, a famous place in Ibiza.

Palawan beach

Palawan is our favorite beach. There are not as many people as in Siloso and it has some bars and souvenir shops.

Sentosa Island Singapore
Palawan Beach at sunset

Palawan is the suspension bridge that leads to the southernmost tip of mainland Asia.

Tanjong beach

If you are looking for tranquility, Tanjong is your option. It is the easternmost beach in Sentosa and few people come to it.


Sentosa Island is one of the most attractive places in Singapore and attractions are not lacking. Learn about everything you can see and do on Sentosa Island.

Images of Singapore

An interactive museum where you can learn more about Singapore's past. It perfectly combines actors, video, sound, and scale reproductions of moments that have determined the history of the city.

If you like history, it is a highly recommended visit.

Tiger sky tower

Rotating observation tower that rises up to 131 meters above sea level. The views of Sentosa Island are magnificent but, if you want to admire Singapore, nothing like the Singapore Flyer.

The Merlion & Merlion Walk

At 37 meters high, it is the largest Merlion statue in Singapore. The views from above are good, but since the creation of the Tiger Sky Tower, it has been relegated to second place.

Sentosa Island Singapore
The Great Merlion of Sentosa Island

Butterfly Park & ​​Insect Kingdom

More than 1,500 butterflies flying around you and 3,000 insects to admire. The little ones tend to like it.

Underwater World

Large aquarium where you can also enjoy unique experiences such as swimming with dolphins or bathing with sharks.

Another curious Underwater World activity is Fish Reflexology. It consists of putting your feet in a water tank and letting small fish remove the dead skin. Later, a masseur will give you a reflexology session.

Fort Siloso

Restored fort from WWII. Displays life-size recreated scenes, images, and weaponry.

Along with Images of Singapore, it's a good place to learn more about Singapore's history.

Sentosa Island Map