On vacation at Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii (with Map & Photos)

Would you like to take a trip to Honolulu in Hawaii? If you do, you probably already know that there are several Hawaiian destinations to choose from. While every part of Hawaii is worth visiting, you may want to take the time to examine Lanikai Beach, located on the island of Oahu.

Lanikai Beach, Oahu
Lanikai Beach

As good as it is to know that you should be planning a Lanikai beach vacation, you might be curious to find out what is special about Lanikai Beach.

One of the best beaches

For starters, did you know that the Travel Channel, a popular television network that caters to tourists, ranks Lanikai Beach among its "Top 10 Beaches in Hawaii"? In fact, Lanikai Beach is number one on their list! 

If that's not enough to attract you to the area, there are plenty of other reasons why Lanikai Beach should be your next Hawaii travel destination.

Photography of a unique beauty 

Lanikai Beach is famous for its beauty. In fact, it is commonly used for photo shoots. It is because it is incredibly beautiful. Many travel websites report that the beach is literally perfect, and it is.

While Lanikai Beach is great for any tourist, it is perfect for those looking to create some romance. If you want to plan your honeymoon or romantic getaway, Lanikai Beach should be the number one destination in Hawaii to consider.

In keeping with the beauty of Lanikai Beach, you can enjoy the crystal clear waters. The crystal clear waters, surrounded by white sands and beautiful palm trees, are one of the many reasons why Lanikai Beach is considered one of the best beaches in Hawaii.

Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Lanikai Beach

If you are looking for amazing vacation photos to share with friends and family, Lanikai Beach is the destination for you.

Besides its beauty, Lanikai Beach is also famous for its unlimited number of activities. One of these activities includes kayaking. In fact, did you know that along the outskirts of Lanikai Beach are Mokumanu and Mokulua?

These are two islands where you can kayak. They are as beautiful as Lanikai Beach itself. Besides kayaking, you can also enjoy the sun, swimming, snorkeling, and snorkeling. In fact, Lanikai Beach is surrounded by a coral reef.

If you've never had a vacation to Hawaii before, know that coral reefs are the perfect setting for scuba diving.

Lanikai Beach Map