The Majestic Delaware River, USA (with Map & Photos)

Much of the course of the Delaware River was declared wild and scenic, as it covered 30 thousand hectares of natural park, in the eastern region of the United States.

Delaware River USA
Delaware River

Location of the Delaware River

The majestic Delaware River begins its journey in the state of New York and heads south for about 670 kilometers, which completes its length.

In its trajectory, it creates the natural border boundary between various localities, first between Pennsylvania and New York, then between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and also between Delaware and New Jersey. Later it empties into the Delaware Bay, towards the Atlantic Ocean (see Potomac River).

Delaware River, USA
Delaware River

The source of the Delaware River originates from two streams that come from the western slopes of the Catskillcon Mountains and converge to form the river. The first one is the West Branch, which comes from Schoharie, and the other is the East Branch, from Grand George; and their meeting takes place near Hancock, New York.

Delaware River Basin

The Delaware River basin covers an area of ​​approximately 36,568 km2 and extends to 42 counties and 838 municipalities, in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

Delaware River
Delaware River

Its tributary waters come to add 216, between rivers and streams, and contribute to it being number 33 among the largest rivers in the United States and the first in daily volume used per tonnage in its waters, which are used for fishing, energy, transportation, entertainment and residential and industrial purposes, among other uses.

The Delaware River is part of the nineteen Great Waters recognized by the America's Great Waters Coalition and in 1978, a 74.3 km stretch of its upper course was declared a National Wild and Scenic River or National Scenic & Recreatical River.

Delaware River Map