Nashville, TN 2024: Best Places to Visit (with Map & Photos)

Want to visit Nashville but don't know where to start? In this article I tell you some of the best things to do in Nashville (Tennessee). Popular thanks to its music scene focused mainly on country, but also on other genres such as jazz, rock, pop and even bluegrass. In short, it is a city designed to entertain. Its musical history is unique and you will feel that vibe of joy in every corner of the city.

10 Best Things to do in Nashville,TN
Things to do in Nashville,TN

1. The Nashville Parthenon

Nashville is synonymous with country, however, in this city in Tennessee you can also find a piece of Greece and this is thanks to the Parthenon in Athens. The Nashville Parthenon has a unique art gallery, with a version of the Athena Parthenos statue and, of course, an information room to learn a little more about Greece.

The architecture of the Nashville Parthenon is mind-boggling, so you won't be able to resist the urge to take a photo outside the enclosure. Admission is free, so you can visit it and enjoy the guided tours.

2. Get to know Broadway Street

If among the things to do in Nashville (Tennessee) is visiting an entertainment avenue, then you cannot miss Broadway Street. This road is one of the most important in the city for several reasons: it is located right in the center (which makes it a tourist landmark) and because it houses the famous Lower Broadway, one of the busiest districts in terms of music is concerned. 

Broadway will be a good alternative if you want to buy souvenirs from the trip, stay in some of the nearby hotels or even have a delicious dinner with the bustle of the street (and a few country-style musical notes playing in the background).

3. Get to know the Tennessee Capitol

If you are looking for an experience that addresses the history of Tennessee, without a doubt The Capitol is one of the things to see during your stay. Built in 1859, El Capitolio is the seat of the city's legislative palace. Although the site is a National Historic Monument, it is still for administrative use, therefore, visits must be guided by an authorized professional.

Luckily, this site is a tourist spot, so you can include it in your itinerary. Just don't forget to take your camera with you, because the architecture of the building will enchant you.

4. Explore Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University, one of the most important private study houses in the United States, could not be missing from this list. During each season, the university opens its doors to anyone who is interested in knowing its facilities and memorable rooms. 

To make a complete excursion, the ideal is that you look for an informed guide, since that way you will be able to know each authorized corner of the University, such as the library. Advice? Put on your most comfortable shoes because the campus is huge.

5. Delight your ears with the acoustics of the Ryman Auditorium

Curious about where the Grand Ole Opry radio show is broadcast? Then you must visit the Ryman Auditorium , the second theater with the best acoustics in the world. The Ryman Auditorium is everything you could imagine: it has a monumental infrastructure and boasts one of the most memorable designs in the city. 

If you are looking to attend a Country music concert on an incredible stage, the Ryman Auditorium will be a safe bet. The best of all is that it is a tourist spot, therefore, you can include it in your itinerary to enjoy a tour of its facilities if you do not have the opportunity to attend a concert.

6. Music history in Nashville

Among the essential places to see in Nashville could not miss the Country Museum and Hall of Fame , a place designed for lovers of country music to enjoy an unprecedented cultural journey. This museum has a different atmosphere: in it you can find passages that will teach you about the beginnings and evolution of country music until what you know today. 

Plus, if you're lucky, you'll be able to visit the Hall of Fame, the museum's most celebrated gallery that contains displays of the work of great artists such as Rou Acuff, Jimmie Rodgers, and Hank Williams.

7. Enjoy your favorite artists at the CMA Music Fest

If you plan to visit Nashville in June, you can't miss the CMA Music Fest . For four days in a row, the CMA Music Fest brightens the city with the most iconic and popular songs by country artists. Best of all, it is an event that takes place every year! If you don't have a chance to visit the festival, you can plan another trip so that you can attend during the four days of live music.

As for the price of the tickets, these are revealed months before the festival, so you should be aware of the dates to get the tickets at a good price. And if you go with a group of friends, much better. The festival will be packed with people from all over the world, so don't be surprised if you find a neighbor.

8. Enjoy national league sports

If you appreciate a good game of football or ice hockey, then you will love attending a game of the Tennessee Titans of the NFL and the Nashville Predators of the NHL. Nashville is known for its music scene, but when these two great sports teams are in competitive seasons, the city comes to a standstill. 

Generally, the Tennessee Titans football games are held at Nissan Stadium, the house that saw the team grow and where year after year they play memorable games, and as the Nashville Predators team belongs to the NHL league, when they play games Locals do it in the Bridgestone Arena, a huge stadium that seats thousands of spectators.

9. Visit the Frist Art Museum

If you want to visit a visual arts museum to feast your eyes on the most representative works of art in the city, then you must visit the Frist Art Museum , another essential place to see in Nashville (Tennessee). 

This museum is somewhat different from the rest, since they do not have a collection of works themselves; It is a non-profit museum, which means that its goal is to display exhibits by local, state, and national artists. It is also possible to find exhibitions of international artists. Curiously, the museum is located in the old US Post Office, which is registered as a historical place in the country.

10. Explore the Belle Meade Plantation

If you're interested in exploring ancient sites dating back to America's slavery era, the Belle Meade Plantation will be a great option. This place has a surreal charm: it is a plantation that features a Greek-style mansion, farms with thoroughbred calves and huge grounds. 

The tours offered here are highly entertaining: guides dress in period clothing, activities such as auctions, Easter egg hunts, wine tasting, and storytelling take place. The best part is that the entrance tickets are very affordable: $ 24 for adults and $ 13 for those under 18 years old.

Map of the best things to do in Nashville