10 Most Beautiful States in United States (with Map & Photos)

The most beautiful strongholds that share common magic and special character are found in the United States. Perhaps this is an absolutely subjective opinion, because it is difficult to distinguish something in nature that is not beautiful, and even more so to classify it, but there is no way to put a picture together without this. Here are the most beautiful States in USA.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
Florida, States in USA

Also known as the “Sunshine State,” Florida is located in the southernmost tip of continental America and is a charming mix of beaches with lighthouses, cities, beautiful weather and sweet Latin energy. Florida is still a beautiful cosmopolitan country with an active lifestyle and Latin American influence.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
Oregon, States in USA

Full of contrasts, cultural attractions and landscapes, a state that rivals the landscapes of The Lord of the Rings. Oregon can easily be considered one of the most exciting states in the USA. The breathtaking Stins Mountains, Crater Lake National Park, Oregon's outstanding coastline and a host of breathtaking highways such as the Historic Columbia Highway and the Cascade Highway of Lakes. Oregon is definitely a gift from nature and a must-see.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
Michigan, States in USA

The state of Michigan is blessed with large lakes and natural beauty. Enjoy the iconic Pictured Rock and charming Victorian style of Mackinac Island, as well as the Royal Island Wildlife Refuge, the scenic Sleeping Bear Dunes, Porcupine Mountain and Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron and more.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
Colorado, States in USA

Home of magnificent national parks and monuments, charming ski resorts, historic towns and wildlife sanctuaries. Colorado is always on the list of the most beautiful States in USA. There are noticeable changes in altitude - from rocky mountains to deep canyons.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
Hawaii, States in USA

America's 50th state, which stands out from all for its exceptional culture, rich flora and fauna and attracts tourists with its landscapes. There is an amazing Marine National Reserve, Haleakala Historical Park, Hawaiian volcanoes, as well as such interesting places as Pearl Harbor, Maui and the island of Kauai.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
Arizona, States in USA

The wide palette of the Grand Canyon State is amazing and the most visited place in the country. It is dotted with striking canyons, pine forests, mountains, pretty lakes and rivers, and Indian ruins.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
Utah, States in USA

Utah's splendor is in its rugged beauty, geological wonders, and the old western lifestyle still practiced here. The national treasure of this place is the Moab Arch Park and the picturesque Rocky Mountain Basin, home to the country's best ski resort.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
Alaska, States in USA

The largest inhabited state in the Arctic Ocean, Alaska, is a breathtaking combination of endless mountains, lakes and incredibly beautiful wildlife. This is an adventurer's paradise.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
Montana, States in USA

Montana is a land of unspoiled places, wide blue expanses, clean meadows, valleys, mountains and rivers. Here you can visit Glacier National Park, Lawis & Clark Trail, Yellowstone (three main entrances are located in Montana) and the wonderful Big Ski Resort.


10 Most Beautiful States in United States
California, States in USA

A picturesque place of quiet forests, wonderful lakes and wonderful parks. In addition, this is the Golden State and Hollywood, Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, wine region and charming San Francisco!