6 Disney Castles Around The World (with Map & Photos)

What Disney Castles is in each Park?

Currently, there are six Disney parks around the world and their facilities live the magic of the franchise films and it is an excellent place that young and old alike enjoy.

Living with the characters, the parade, the games and lands that there are, revolve around a castle that stands out above all else, but have you ever wondered what castle it is? Each branch has a different one and for that reason, we want to explain a little about each one.


Opened in 1955, this theme park located in Anaheim, California, was the company's first and under the supervision of the American producer and filmmaker Walt Disney, it became one of the destinations dreamed of by children around the world.

What Disney Castles is in each Park?
Disney Castles

The castle that crowns this park belongs to one of the first Disney princesses, Sleeping Beauty. It stands 23 meters tall and was designed to appear taller through a process known as forced perspective where design elements are larger at the base and smaller on the towers.

During the 50-year celebrations, the castle was restored and five towers were decorated with stylized crowns, each representing a decade in the park's history.

Sleeping Beauty's castle is also the one used in the official Walt Disney logo.

Walt Disney World

Following the park's success in California, a new complex was opened in 1971 in the Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake area of ​​Florida. It currently has the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney Animal Kingdom parks.

What Disney Castles is in each Park?
Disney Castles

In the area of ​​the Magic Kingdom is Cinderella's castle, which measures just over 57 meters and when the sun goes down, it is illuminated with 16.7 million lights. Thanks to this technology, it is an essential part of the Magic Kingdom fireworks show.

Tokyo Disney Resort

This theme park in Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, was opened in 1983 and was the company's first branch outside the United States. It has three main sections: Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and Ikspiari.

What Disney Castles is in each Park?
Disney Castles

As in Florida, Cinderella's castle was chosen to crown the main park of the Resort and in both cases they are based on the film made in 1950. It measures approximately 51 meters.

Although it was built almost the same as its American brother, in June 2006 it was repainted to differentiate it from Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom. The castle now has gold trim, the roofs were painted a different shade of blue, and the white stone on the turrets now has a pink color.

Between 1986-2006 the walking attraction “Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour” with the Disney villains took place in this castle.

Disneyland Paris

Disney's European branch opened its doors in 1992 and is mostly located in the commune of Chessy, 32 kilometers from the center of Paris. Once again, the castle of Aurora was chosen to represent this park.

What Disney Castles is in each Park?
Disney Castles

The Sleeping Beauty Castle measures around 50 meters and features a gallery of illustrations from the 1959 film on tapestries, windowpanes and figurines called "Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant".

This 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the park's opening, if you visit it you will be able to see a new light show to celebrate, where the castle plays a leading role.

Below the castle lives a dragon that spits fire when angry!

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

As mentioned above, Sleeping Beauty Castle is the flagship of the brand and was once again chosen to crown the first park in China, which was opened in September 2005.

What Disney Castles is in each Park?
Disney Castles

This castle is also 23 meters tall (like the one in Anaheim) and although it might look like an almost identical copy, the one in Hong Kong is a bit more stylized and has straighter and sharper edges on the towers and walls. The colors used in this castle give it a more medieval look.

Since its construction, the night light show was planned in Hong Kong so some buildings were included that would serve as a fortress on the sides to allow a much more panoramic view of the pyrotechnics.

Shanghai Disney Resort

Finally, in June 2016 the last of the Disney parks was inaugurated so far and was located in Pudong, Shanghai, China.

What Disney Castles is in each Park?
Disney Castles

The castle is located in Fantasyland and is the largest of all with a height of 60 meters. The peculiarity of the so-called Enchanted Castle Storybook is that it is dedicated to all the Disney princesses.

The castle is so big that it even has a boat ride inside it.

These are some facts of the castles that are in the Disney properties, do you know any?

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