Melbourne and Sydney Beaches (with Map & Photos)

Melbourne Beaches

In Melbourne, Beaches are not only for surfers, but also for nudists. To the south of the center of Melbourne there is a tourist paradise - beaches that guests of the city often forget about because of local attractions and entertainment, which are mostly located on the banks of the Yara River.

The closest beaches to the city are Middle Park and Albert Park. Also near Melbourne there are picturesque St Kilda, Brighton, Elwood and Sandringham.

St Kilda Beaches are often compared to the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney. Officially, this resting place was opened in the nineteenth century. And by the beginning of the twentieth century, St Kilda had become a favorite beach of the wealthy inhabitants of Melbourne.

Melbourne and Sydney Beaches
St Kilda Beach

Today St Kilda is an excellent sandy coastline with a well-developed entertainment infrastructure.
Melbourne's beaches are impossible without Brighton Beach, which is located a little south of St Kilda. The colorful cabanas, which look amazing from the ocean, add to the scenic beauty of this area.

Of course, Melbourne has beaches for surf lovers too. They are located east of the city. Chief among them is Bells Beach. You can come here on Catholic Easter, and you will witness the Rip Curl Pro surfer competition. And be sure to remember the nudist beaches of Melbourne, whose history goes back more than 30 years. For example, Sunnyside North Beach in Mount Eliza. There are no roads and crowded places here, silence, warm ocean, gentle sun. It seems that nature itself contributes to removing all conventions and becoming her child.

Melbourne's nudist beaches are Campbell's Cove Beach, Point Impossible and Southside Beach (this beach is over 100 years old). These are the official beaches, but there are also unofficial beaches in Hastings and East Gippsland.

Melbourne Beaches
Melbourne Beaches

Sydney is interesting not only for the opera building, but also for its beautiful beaches.

One of the most famous beaches in Australia is Bondi Beach, which is located in Sydney. Coogee is not far from it. Near Mackenzies Point you will reach Tamarama surf beach, famous for its waves. Beginners are advised to be careful here.

A tiny beach with a park area and cozy cafes is Bronte, which has also been chosen by surfers from all over the world.
If you are looking for scenic spots and dream of capturing memorable photographs, come to Sydney's Whale Beach and Bigola.

Bronte Beach
Bronte Beach

The family beach is the quiet and very pretty Clovelly, while scuba divers can come to the coast of Gordon Bay.

To the north of Sydney lies the magnificent Manly Beach with picturesque coves.
For fans of noise, din and attractions, we recommend visiting Palm Beach, here you will get a lot of pleasure not only from the beach itself, but also from numerous entertainments.

Manly Beach
Manly Beach

The best beaches in Sydney for yachting enthusiasts are Pittwater and Broken Bay.

The warm climate, white sand and warm sun make Australia one of the best holidays in the world.

Melbourne Beaches Map