Top 5 Best Hot Springs in the World (with Photos)

Summer is a hot season. Especially for those who decide to spend their holidays in hot springs. To recuperate, rejuvenate, enjoy beauty - there can be many reasons.

Cascata Del Mulino, Tuscany

This hot spring is located in the heart of Tuscany - not far from Saturnia. The peculiarity of this place is the abundance of sulfur in the water, as well as the relatively small number of tourists. The water in the cascades maintains a temperature of 37.5 degrees throughout the year.

Hot Springs in the World
Cascata Del Mulino, Hot Springs

Király Thermal Bath, Budapest

They say about Hungary that wherever you stick a shovel, thermal water will flow everywhere. So in Budapest, hot baths are located almost in the city center. The public baths are a great place to take a breath between walks in the city. In addition, it is quite inexpensive.

Best Hot Springs in the World
Király Thermal Bath, Hot Springs

Terme di Petriolo, Tuscany

You will know that you have found a pearl when you soak in the same waters in which the Medici family rested. Another ideal "bathhouse" lost in the Tuscan countryside. Locals collect mineral-rich clay for free, which is usually sold at exorbitant prices in resorts across the country.

Hot Springs in the World
Terme di Petriolo, Hot Springs

Hot springs on Mount Arenal, Costa Rica

The water in these springs is heated thanks to the volcano of the same name. In the middle of the tropical jungle, there is Tabakon Bath, where you can start your water treatments. If you do not want to pay for pleasure, then you can go down the hill a little and find a completely free source, hidden from the crowds of tourists.

Best Hot Springs in the World
Hot springs on Mount Arenal, Hot Springs

Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan

Well, this place is worth visiting not only because of the healing water, but also because of the monkeys, who feel like full-fledged owners here. The only condition is that you have to climb to a height of 850 meters, where the baths are located. And for four months of the year, everything around this place is covered with snow.

Hot Springs in the World
Jigokudani Monkey Park, Hot Springs