10 Reasons to Visit Trujillo, Spain (with Map & Photos)

10 reasons to visit Trujillo

In the province of Caceres, there is a quiet town with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants. Do you think there is nothing interesting there? We have selected 10 arguments for you to go there as soon as you have free time.

Time travel

On each trip, you plunge into the past, learning interesting facts and, as if reliving the events that are told in the Spanish school. You didn't study there? Moreover, there is a good reason to go and find out everything about the mysterious corners of Spain yourself. In this small settlement in Extremadura, you can see the place from where Francisco Pizarro and Francisco Orellana went to the New World to go down in history as the discoverers and conquerors of Peru.

Legendary wall

A massive wall surrounds the old city like a snake, flaunting 17 surviving towers. You will be amazed at the power of this place, built by Muslims. Four of the seven gates are perfectly preserved.

Legendary wall Trujillo castle, Spain
Trujillo castle Spain

Trujillo castle

Time of construction - IX-X century. According to legend, it was in him that Juana of Castile hid after a quarrel with Queen Isabelle. The walls of the Trujillo castle rise above the city, erected on the hill of Cabeza del Sorro, and the building itself consists of two parts - the armory yard and the old Albacar.

Main square (Plaza Mayor)

From here you need to start your gastronomic journey in search of the best restaurant in the city. Before lunch, it is worth visiting the San Martin Church, built in the 16th century in the Baroque style, and look at the equestrian sculpture dedicated to Francisco Pizarro.

Church with the coat of arms of FC "Athletic"

The Church of Santa Maria la Mayor, built in the 13th century in Trujillo, was demolished and rebuilt in the 19th century. And already in the 20th, one of its towers underwent reconstruction, and the sculptor decided to sculpt on its spire the coat of arms of the then already existing football club "Athletic" in Bilbao. Perhaps this is the only religious building that reminds of another cult in Spain - football.

Main square (Plaza Mayor) Church of Santa Maria la Mayor
Church of Santa Maria la Mayor

Folk holidays

There are two holidays that you should definitely go to in Trujillo - this is Chiviri, synonymous with tradition, songs, dances and great local cuisine. Chiviri is celebrated on the same day as Easter. The second day that you will never forget is the Cheese Fair, where you will want to taste everything that is on sale.

Conquistadors' road

Directly from Trujillo, you can head to two more places that the conquistadors passed on their way to America - the towns of Guadalupe and Medellin. Hernan Cortes himself was born in Medellin, and there still stands a fortress, built before the legendary conquests - in the XIV century. And in Guadalupe you can see a monastery included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is no coincidence - in the Middle Ages, Guadalupe was an important religious center in Spain.

Monfrague National Park

In the triangle formed by Trujillo, Plasencia and Navalmoral de la Mata, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Spain is hidden, where vultures, black storks and the imperial eagle (which, by the way, is depicted on the coat of arms of Russia) fly.


Berrocal surrounds Trujillo from all sides, and it is during walks in this area that you can look at the city from above and take photographs that will be difficult to distinguish from the most tempting advertising postcards. If you prefer a mountain bike to a quiet step - here you can ride at your own pleasure.

And finally - a gourmet holiday!

Trujillo is the place where the weary traveler can recuperate and relax while enjoying the delights of the local cuisine. All Extremadura dishes - migas, moraga, fried lamb, "bishop's soup" - are really delicious here, and the main thing is to leave room for sweets from the Santa Clara monastery. 

Trujillo offers tourists an excellent selection of restaurants, as well as a wide network of hotels, from the most economical to the elite.

Trujillo Castle Map