Top 16 Best Beaches in Goa, India (with Photos)

Fine white sand, coconut trees along the coast, lonely sun loungers, endless expanses of the ocean and luxury hotels with excellent service - this is probably how many imagine an ideal vacation. Where to go for it? To the small Indian state of Goa. Completely different from this country, but in its own way colorful and interesting. By the way, there are corners here for inveterate party-goers, for extreme lovers, and for any other tourists who have their own ideas about rest. Let's talk about the best beaches in Goa.

South Goa

South Goa is a respectable getaway. It is not crowded on the coast, the prices are quite high. There are practically no night clubs. But there are elite restaurants overlooking the sea and numerous spas. Most of the beaches in this region resemble a picture from a bounty ad - ideal for a relaxing, carefree relaxation.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Varca Beach, Goa

A favorite place for romantics and newlyweds. Here, it seems, everything is in moderation: there are enough hotels of different levels - from luxurious five-star to quite democratic bungalows, a good selection of cafes and restaurants that do not disturb the peace of mind of vacationers. In terms of service on Varka, everything is also as it should be - it is there, but at the same time it cannot be called intrusive. Nice additions to all this - fine white sand, warm water and the opportunity to see dolphins, sailing on a boat very close to the coast.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Cavelossim Beach, Goa

Located away from the bustle of the city, 12 kilometers from Benaulim. It attracts guests not only with its cleanliness and well-developed infrastructure, but also with its fantastic landscapes. The coast, covered with fine white sand, is surrounded by black rocks - such a panorama looks spectacular and mesmerizing. At the same time, Cavelossim, unlike Varka, cannot be called a calm place.

There are boat rentals and water activities, where guests are happy to offer water sports and, if necessary, instruct beginners. In the vicinity you can find local markets and shops, shops of Indian artisans, many cozy cafes and restaurants.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Utorda beach, Goa

A fairly long idealistic stretch of coastline located between two other famous beaches of South Goa, Majorda and Arroshim. A wide space, covered with snow-white silky sand, is separated from the bustle of the resort by a palm alley. A small river flows through the territory, which divides the land and forms small natural islands. This is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday with the whole family, walks along the water's edge and peaceful relaxation on the warm sand. There is practically no active entertainment here. But there are enough cozy cafes offering national cuisine, fresh seafood and juices from exotic fruits.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Majorda beach, Goa

This is a 30 km long sandy coastal strip, surrounded by palm and fruit groves, indented by bays and lagoons, along which there was a place for picturesque local villages, luxurious five-star hotels, and democratic bungalows. Despite the fact that this is one of the most popular beaches in Goa, it is always clean, calm and quiet here. Entertainment is represented by a few cafes and restaurants, where guests are offered seafood dishes, and rental points for equipment for water sports.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Colva beach, Goa

Of course, southern Goa is not the best place for party people and party goers. However, even among this calmness and tranquility, there is a beach where fans of nightlife gather - this is Colva. It is famous for its sand parties, numerous bars and a special atmosphere, serenity and carefree. In addition to the party-goers, Colva is loved by locals and fishermen - you can see many boats and colorful huts on the coast. Several colonial-style villas have been built for guests.

Cola is considered the most uncivilized in all of southern Goa. Indeed, the infrastructure is poorly developed here. The lack of amenities is fully compensated by the natural beauty - the reddish sand looks especially impressive against the background of bright green palm trees and the purest endless ocean. This is the perfect place for anyone. wants to enjoy peace, listen to the sound of waves alone and, perhaps, forget about everything in the world for a while. But for a family vacation, Colva is not very suitable. The entry into the sea is quite sharp here. In addition, sharp stones can be found in the water and are dangerous.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Agonda beach, Goa

Another famous beach in southern Goa, which civilization did not manage to reach. However, unlike Cola, this is an ideal place for a family vacation to the sound of waves and rustle of palms. If you want to stay here for a long time, you can rent a bungalow on the coast and even put up a tent. From entertainment on Agonda - only boat trips, during which there is a high probability of meeting with dolphins.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Palolem beach, Goa

One of the most popular in the entire state of Goa. This is a real tropical paradise, as it is portrayed in advertising brochures and postcards. A picturesque bay, fine white sand, colorful palm trees. Not far from the coast, there is a small uninhabited island, which is often visited by tourists. Going on a boat trip, you can admire the dolphins - they are frequent guests in these places.

There are no hotels, shopping centers and shops near Palolem - there is peace and tranquility that nature itself gave to the world. If you want to enjoy the world of the tropical beach to the fullest, you can stay in one of the bungalows in the palm grove. Despite the fact that Palolem is incredibly popular with holidaymakers, it is never overcrowded here.

Dona Paula

16 Best Beaches in Goa
Dona Paula beach, Goa

A small secluded beach like no other in Goa. This is the place of lovers, with which a beautiful legend is connected (although the inhabitants of the surrounding villages claim that this is a real story) - about the daughter of the local governor (it’s easy to guess that her name was Don Paula), who fell in love with an ordinary poor boy. The father was against this connection and the girl, unable to withstand his pressure, committed suicide - she threw herself into the sea from a cliff, where she often visited with her chosen one. Local fishermen assure that the image of a white bride with a pearl necklace around her neck soars in these parts to this day, and some even had a chance to meet with her. Whether to believe in mysticism is a personal matter for everyone. Dona Paula is really handsome and worthy of attention.

North Goa

If South Goa is a serene relaxation, then North Goa is an endless holiday. With the sunset, life here begins to play with new colors, numerous bars open their doors, fiery rhythms are heard everywhere. It is not surprising that the beaches here are somewhat different than in the south - they are not so clean, and the pictures from the bounty advertisements do not come to life on them. But every evening, guests who are ready to light up right on the sand in the open air are greeted by world-famous DJs and bartenders who are ready to work until the morning.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Arambol beach, Goa

One of the liveliest and most diverse. A place in the sun is here for both creative people and informals, for those who are looking for harmony with the world around them, and for avid party-goers. On the outskirts of Arambol, there are corners where adherents of all kinds of spiritual practices live on a permanent basis. As for the infrastructure, it is really well developed.

There are many hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, souvenir shops along the coast. Periodically, concerts and open-air shows are held, parties are organized. All this is quite affordable, as it is mainly aimed at young people.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Baga beach, Goa

Not as lively and noisy as Arambol. A few years ago, it could even be called poorly equipped and even wild. However, the tourism industry "got" here rather quickly - today Baga boasts a large number of cafes and restaurants, located along the coast of modern hotels. In addition, Baga's calling card is numerous sun loungers and umbrellas, under which you can hide from the scorching sun. Lovers of nightlife and fiery parties after sunset can look into one of the famous nightclubs - Chitos or Mambo. Both are located close to the coast.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Calangute beach, Goa

Continuation of the famous Baga beach. There is no formal border between them, the differences are rather atmospheric. Calangute is positioned as a place for an elite vacation. It's cleaner, quieter here, but prices are much higher. This is an ideal place for those who are on holiday with the whole family. An oasis of tranquility on the goa beachfront.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Candolim beach, Goa

Another tranquil spot on the north coast of Goa. It seems that in order to protect it from the influence of civilization, nature itself took care - before being at the coast, you will have to not only walk along the city streets with old buildings, but also overcome steep slopes. The infrastructure is not well developed here. From entertainment - only a few colorful cafes serving national cuisine, seafood and juices from freshly squeezed juices from exotic fruits.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Anjuna beach, Goa

This is the center of cultural and party life. There is some kind of movement here 24 hours a day, all kinds of noisy and funny events are constantly organized, including completely spontaneously, and on Wednesdays a flea market opens at all. In general, vacationers in Anjuna will not be bored for sure.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Vagator beach, Goa

One of the best in North Goa, he regularly takes leading positions in all kinds of ratings. It is popular among young people and party-goers - incendiary events, creative meetings and even open-air concerts are constantly held here. A pleasant addition to them is the beautiful natural landscapes. In addition, the picturesque Chapora Fort, built in the 17th century, is nearby.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Morjim beach, Goa

Cozy and calm, separated from the village of the same name by a palm grove. Despite its small size, it boasts an excellent infrastructure - guests are always welcome in colorful cafes, there are rental offices for equipment for water sports. A local attraction is sea turtles, which have chosen this stretch of the coast.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Mandrem beach, Goa

A beautiful place with white sand, which is separated from the urban bustle of the resort by a small river with wooden and bamboo places thrown across it. By themselves, they are a local attraction. Old, broken in places, but still reliable. Numerous bars await guests who find themselves on solid ground; walking along the coast, you can stumble upon colorful fishing villages (Mandrem is quite long). After sunset, the bars turn into DJ consoles, and the coastline turns into an open-air dance floor.


16 Best Beaches in Goa
Ashvem Beach, Goa

Another popular beach in North Goa is Ashvem. It is a mecca for kitesurfers and other water sports enthusiasts. There is a lively street nearby with many bars and nightclubs. In addition, Ashvem is famous for its beautiful natural pools.

White sand beaches

16 Best Beaches in Goa
Ashvem beach, Goa

It is with the legendary white sand from advertising brochures that many associate Goa. Soft, warm and pleasant to the touch. It is not surprising that many people plan their vacation in such a way as to be on the beach, where there is this natural wealth. In Goa, both in the northern and southern parts, there are enough of them. Traditionally, the ratings of white sand beaches are topped by the lively and bustling Arambol. However, many are stopped by the fact that it is always crowded and restless - after sunset, life is just beginning.

An excellent alternative for those who are not a fan of parties, but still prefer to relax in North Goa - calm Calangute, Morjim or little-known Kerim. Fans of outdoor activities can take a closer look at Ashvem. The rating of the white sandy beaches of South Goa, as a rule, is headed by Benalium. This is a place that reminds many of heaven on earth. And some even believe that it was here that the bounty advertisement was filmed (although this, of course, is not so). Coconut palms, small cozy guesthouses, colorful cafes and fine white sand - what else do lovers of a relaxing holiday who dream of taking a break from the urban bustle of the city need?

16 Best Beaches in Goa
Colva beach, Goa

The nearby Colva, the oldest and very respectable resort in South Goa, may well compete with Benalium. If you want to forget not only about the hustle and bustle, but also civilization as a whole, enjoying the warmth of the white sand, you can go to the picturesque Palolem. Patnem, also located in South Goa, is not popular with tourists. Moreover, it is considered one of the most isolated in the region. Those who did manage to get here can fully enjoy not only the white sand, but also the colorful thatched bungalows, local cuisine and low prices.

Which one to choose for families with children

16 Best Beaches in Goa
Kerim beach, Goa

Going on vacation with children, you need, first of all, to take into account the peculiarities of Goa. Naturally, the southern part of the region is more suitable for this. Here you can choose any beach except Colva and Palolem (they cannot boast of a smooth, comfortable entry into the sea, which means there is a safety issue). The only negative is the rather high prices. If the budget does not allow you to go to southern Goa, you can choose more budgetary resorts in the northern part of the region for family holidays. In this case, you need to pay attention to quiet, calm places: Kerim, Morjim, Ashvem or Mandrem.

Hotels with private beach

One of the main features of Goa's beaches is that they are all state owned. That is why, even in the best hotels, no one can deny access to the coast for local residents, merchants, and tourists who rest in other places. What is the difference between a “hotel” (if you can call it that in India) beach from the rest? First of all, the fact that on the coast only guests are given the opportunity to use a number of services - free umbrellas and sun loungers, sometimes a cafe.

Choosing a hotel with its own beach, you need to take into account that, as a rule, these are only expensive "fives" and "fours" located on the first coastline. In South Goa there are more of them (it is believed that it is here that the best hotels are located), in the north there are fewer. In terms of infrastructure, almost all of these hotels are the same. You shouldn't expect any miracles, even from the best ones. If some inexpensive three-star hotel located a kilometer from the coast claims to have its own beach, then most likely this is a hoax.

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