Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, England (with Map & Photos)

Warwick Castle was founded in 1068 under William the Conqueror. It is located in England, in the county of Warwickshire (region of central England). From the moment of construction until the 17th century, the medieval castle was used for its intended purpose - for defensive purposes. At the beginning of the 17th century, its new owner, the English poet and playwright Fulk Greville, turned the castle into a country residence. The castle belonged to the descendants of Greville until 1978.

Warwick Castle
Warwick Castle

In 1978, The Tussauds Group bought the castle from the Greville family and opened it to tourists. Now the castle is protected by the state as the most important architectural monument - in terms of importance it is equated with Buckingham Palace.

Inside Warwick Castle
Inside Warwick Castle

The castle is located in a picturesque place - on the steep bank of the Avon River. Previously, the bank was flatter, but over hundreds of years the river has washed away the sandstone. This location contributed to the successful defense - in its entire history, the castle has endured many sieges.

Warwick Castle England
Inside Warwick Castle


Warwick Castle can be visited daily from 10:00. Closing times depend on the specific day or event taking place at the castle. Usually, the castle is open until 16:00. You can view the opening hours on this page.

There are several fares for visiting Warwick Castle:

  • standard ticket - 21/26 pounds (online / on the spot), in addition to visiting the castle bypassing the queue, the ticket price includes admission to the garden and all daily shows;

  • Dungeon - £ 6

Tickets purchased online provide a “rainy day guarantee”. If it rains on the day of your visit, you are entitled to a free return visit for the next 60 days.

Warwick Castle on Map