Best Sights of Palamós, Spain (with Map & Photos)

Palamos Spain

 is a small town on the Costa Brava, 45 km southeast of Girona, Spain. Of course, first of all, it is a wonderful resort: cozy and comfortable. But not only - the port of Palamós is the largest in the province of Girona and one of the largest in Catalonia. And at the same time, the water even near the city beach is amazingly clean!

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Palamós Spain

Another feature of the resort is that there are few package tourists. This means that there are no crowds of people, faceless "chain" hotels, endless ranks along the coast with a "typical" set of services, the same in both hemispheres at any latitude. In addition, the town almost managed to avoid the development of high-rise buildings - there are only a few of them on an area of ​​14 sq. km.

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Palamós Spain

History of Palamós

According to archaeological excavations, the first settlements in the vicinity of the modern city appeared between 2500 and 1500. BC e. Approximately Ⅴⅼ century. BC e. one of the settlements was mentioned in documents, and in the ⅼⅼ century. BC e. northeastern Catalonia, like most of the Pyrenees, has undergone romanization. Information about the presence of people in these places during the first centuries A.D. e. are available. But nothing is known about the later period - up to the Ⅹ - Ⅹⅼ centuries.

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Palamós Spain

The founding date of modern Palamós is December 3, 1279, when the king of Aragon and Valencia, Pedro ⅼⅼⅼ, signed a decree establishing a new royal port. However, the settlement grew and developed rather slowly - due to regular pirate raids. The inhabitants of Palamós were engaged in fishing and selling cork, that is, the usual crafts for this region.

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Palamós Spain

In the middle of the ⅩⅩ century, fishing as the main sphere of the economy was decisively replaced by tourism. And although many travelers look into the town precisely for delicious fish and seafood - according to reviews, red shrimps are especially good, this is primarily a resort with a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

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Palamós Spain

There are no stunning historical and architectural attractions in the town. Nevertheless, in the narrow streets of the Old Town, many houses of a variety of styles have survived. Unhurried walks and gazing at completely dissimilar facades - unpretentious and lavishly decorated, create a special mood and give great pleasure.

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Palamós Spain

The main attraction of the town is the Iglesia Parroquial de Santa María de Palamós th century parish church, built in the late Gothic style. This magnificent building is visible from almost anywhere in Palamós.

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Palamós Spain

The picturesque ruins of the Castillo de Vila-romà, presumably century. located a few kilometers from the city, in the natural park of Gavarras, and the impressive remains of the ancient Castillo de Sant Esteve castle, erected in the Ⅹⅼⅼ century, diversify beach holidays, as they are very close to the best beach of Palamós - La Fosca.

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Palamós Spain

A severe and powerful structure, the домth century house-tower Mas Juny is a vivid illustration of its era - it was erected to protect the townspeople from pirates. After some time, the tower lost its purpose, but in the 30s of the ⅩⅩ century its new owner - the artist Josep Maria Sert, completely restored the building. The hospitable host received many here, including world-famous guests such as Chanel and Dali.

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Palamós Spain

Curious tourists will surely enjoy a trip to the Fisheries Museum - they say, almost the only one in the world. The exposition tells in detail about the history and peculiarities of the difficult profession of a fisherman.

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Palamós Spain

Number of inhabitants of Palamós

  • The population of the Palamós is about 18,000 people.

Climate, nature and ecology of Palamós

Palamós is located in the Mediterranean climate zone. Winters are mild and humid, summers are sunny, hot, but not sultry. Daytime temperatures in winter: + 12⁰… + 14⁰, in summer: + 25⁰… + 28⁰. The sea water warms up to a comfortable + 22⁰ by the end of June, the swimming season lasts until mid-September. Rainfall is 450 mm per year, the rainiest time: spring and autumn.

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