Murray River, The Longest River in Australia (with Photos)

Murray River Australia

Looking at the map of Australia, you can see that some of its rivers are indicated by a dotted line. This is due to the fact that they are all very unstable and can not only dry up during the dry season, but also change their course. The exception is the Murray River, its Darling tributary and several shorter rivers.

Murray River is the longest river in Australia.

Murray River Australia 2
Murray River Australia

Australia's largest river

The Murray River is big not only for the Australian continent. Its length is 2375 km, and if we take it together with the Darling tributary, the length will exceed the Volga by almost 200 km. But, in terms of fullness, it is significantly inferior to many European rivers. Finding Murray on the map is not difficult. It is located in the east of the mainland. The path of the river runs through forests, mountains and swamps. Many major cities in Australia are located on its shores. You can even say that she attracted continental life to herself, since many forms of life have managed to adapt to its characteristics.

Murray River Australia 3
Murray River Australia

  • The source of Murray is located at the top of the Australian Alps. Much to the north, large tributaries begin to flow into it. Despite the fact that crossing the continent from its eastern part to the western part, the river receives less and less water in the form of precipitation, it nevertheless remains deep. Going down the stream, there is an opportunity to meet almost all representatives of the flora and fauna of the continent, including kangaroos and emu.

Murray River Australia 4
Murray River Australia

Features of the river

Its distinctive feature is the ability to navigate throughout the year, even in the driest periods. In some places its width is equal to a kilometer. Passenger ships cruise along the river for about 2,000 km. At the same time, the possibilities of shipping its tributary mostly depend on how much rainfall has recently fallen.

Murray River Australia 5
Murray River Australia

A huge part of Murray's waters is used by local people for irrigating agricultural land. That is why an irrigation system was specially created here. For the competent distribution of water resources, dams and dams were built along the entire length of Murray. To accumulate rainwater, a large lake was artificially created in its basin. It was thanks to the waters of this river that the Australians managed to transform uninhabited desert places into lands suitable for human habitation and agricultural activities.

Murray River Australia 6
Murray River Australia

Today, a project has been created in the country, according to which it is planned to let the waters of small rivulets that flow from the eastern slopes of the Australian Alps to Murray. If, nevertheless, we succeed in fulfilling our plans, then the full-flowing of the river, together with the capacity of its irrigation system, will significantly increase. This is very important for the world's driest continent, where most of the rainfall simply evaporates.

Murray River Map