Kintai Bridge, Yamaguchi, Japan (with Map & Photos)

Kintai Bridge

The Kintai Bridge is a wooden bridge and one of the three most famous bridges in Japan. Its structure with five arches is wonderful. The structure was completed in 1673 by Kikkawa Yoshihiro of the Iwakuni Domain. The bridge was destroyed by typhoon and flood in 1950, but was rebuilt in 1953. The length of the bridge is 193.3 meters across (210 meters in length along the bridge surface). The width of the bridge is 5 meters and it is 6.64 meters high. It was awarded two stars in the Michelin Green Guide to Japan.

Kintai Bridge 2
Kintai Bridge

The Bridge can be crossed from the city side or from the mountain side. In the cherry blossom season it is a must visit, so the bridge is filled to the brim with visitors. The Kintai Bridge Festival is held on April 23, and visitors can enjoy a traditional Japanese parade. During the summer months, visitors can also witness Ayu fishing for cormorants at night. In August, there is a fireworks festival on the riverbank in which 6000 fireworks are fired.

Kintai Bridge 3
Kintai Bridge

The Bridge can be crossed at any time of the day; however, if there is no one at the toll booth, visitors must pay 300 yen per adult and / or 150 per child at the cash register. The bridge lights up at night, so we recommend a night visit.

Kintai Bridge 4
Kintai Bridge

On the mountain side there are various restaurants and gift shops. Visitors can enjoy Iwakuni's specialty, Iwakuni sushi. This sushi is famous for its vivid visual presentations using rice, vegetables, egg, and fish. There is even a store that sells 100 different types of ice cream. Also on the mountain side is the Iwakuni Castle and the Iwakuni Museum of Art. The Iwakuni Museum of Art has a star in the Michelin Green Guide and has a well-stocked display of samurai swords and armor.

Kintai Bridge 5
Kintai Bridge


  • 10 minute drive from Iwakuni Airport / Kintai Bridge.

  • 12 minutes by bus from Shin-Iwakuni Station (Shin-Iwakuni Station is a bullet train stop).

  • 20 minutes by bus from Iwakuni Station. There are only a few buses each day, so you should consider taking a taxi.

  • 1 hour by motorway bus from Hiroshima Bus Center. The closest bus stop is the Kintai Bridge Bus Center (1 minute walk from the bridge).

Kintai Bridge Map