Iwakuni Castle, Yamaguchi, Japan (with Map & Photos)

Iwakuni Castle (Yamaguchi, Japan) was built in 1608 during the early years of the Edo period. It is situated on top of Mount Shiroyama and is half surrounded by the Nishiki River. The original was destroyed 7 years after its completion and the current building is from 1962.

Iwakuni Castle Iwakuni Yamaguchi Japan
Iwakuni Castle Iwakuni Yamaguchi Japan

Either walking or riding the comfortable Iwakuni Cable Car you can enjoy a great view of Iwakuni Castle.

Also, be sure to stop by and visit the castle museum, which houses samurai armor and artifacts. From the top floor of the main castle property you can admire the city.

The 1962 reconstruction captures the essence of the original castle built in 1608. Also, you can visit the ruins of the old Iwakuni Castle at this site.

Lastly, be sure to stop by the Iwakuni Museum of Art. There you will find interesting exhibits about the lives of the local samurai and the armor they used. The authenticity of the museum's interpretation of the history of the samurai is underlined by the title of this part of its exhibitions: “ Culture of Life and Death”.

Iwakuni Castle Map