Canyon de Chelly National Monument, USA (with Map & Photos)

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Like the Pueblo and Hopi indigenous peoples thousands of years before, the Navajos continue to live among cliffs in a sacred Arizona mountain range, devoting themselves to plantations and cattle. Today, however, they work closely with the National Park Service to manage the legacy and future of the Canyon de Chelly National Monument, which became a national monument in 1931 to help preserve the archaeological site. In a learning activity disguised as a game, children can become a Junior Ranger by completing some fun activities that help them understand the park's important natural and cultural resources.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument 1
Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Homeland of the Navajo Nation for almost 5,000 years, the Canyon de Chelly National Monument in northwest Arizona offers a unique insight into the history of these tribes. The Navajo people continue to live, work and raise their families in these rugged canyons that surround the monument.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument 2
Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Before heading into the park, stop by the visitor center, remove a map of the archaeological sites and learn more about its importance. Then, dedicate a good part of your time to visit the impeccable cliff dwellings carved thousands of years ago by the ancient Pueblo peoples. US Rangers and private tour companies offer guided tours of the park. In addition to exploring the ancient ruins, you can walk, cycle or drive to the monument's ten observation points , which offer panoramic views of the surrounding canyons, gorges and valley.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument Map