Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey, Wales (with Map & Photos)

Beaumaris Castle Wales

Beaumaris Castle, is located precisely in the town of Beaumaris, on the island of Anglesey (Wales) and was built as part of the conquest campaign of King Edward I. It was built by James de St. George in 1295, but it was never built. full! The building of the castle spanned 35 years, with more than 3,500 workers. It was made according to a central plan, the internal room is completely surrounded by the external room.

beaumaris castle wales
Beaumaris Castle Wales

The castle has a dock, which allows it to be supplied directly by the sea and is surrounded by a moat filled with water. The castle is currently managed by Cadw, which is the Assembly of Governors of Wales, which provides visitors with a guide, display, gifts, souvenirs, good accessibility and facilities for picnicking at the castle. You will also be able to observe ducks and swans swimming in the waters of the castle.

beaumaris castle wales 2
Beaumaris Castle Wales

On the island of Anglesey is the royal municipality of Beaumaris, located right at the entrance to the Menai Strait. It was originally a Viking settlement but began to develop as a town once Edward I of England conquered Wales in the 13th century. Under his orders Beaumaris Castle was built, as part of the chain of fortifications on the Welsh coast, and its name derives from the French, beaux marais, beautiful swamp, since it is built on this type of terrain.

The fort was built by Master James de St. George, a Savoyard architect responsible for many of the English castles in Wales. It is concentric and the workers who worked on its construction were both English and workers from France. The Welsh inhabitants of the area were appeased and imposed many restrictions and no rights while the exact opposite was done with the English and Norman-French inhabitants. Beaumaris then grew hand in hand with trade and became one of the most important Saxon ports in the United Kingdom.

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Beaumaris Castle Wales

Beaumaris Castle is a castle in Beaumaris, Anglesey, built by Edward I as part of the campaign to conquer North Wales. Designed by James de St George, construction began in 1295, but was never finished. It was positioned to face Garth Celyn on the opposite shore of the Menai Strait and was intended, together with Conwy Castle and Caernarfon Castle, at each end of the strait, to outshine the Royal Welsh home and be a center of resistance to the English forces.

Beaumaris is part of the ensemble of castles and walls of King Edward in Gwynedd, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. Some authors consider that, from an architectural point of view, it is the best castle in Great Britain.


Beaumaris Castle, located on the island of Anglesey, was the last of the fortresses that Edward I of England had built in North Wales. Construction began in 1295 and lasted 35 years, with 3,500 workers at the height of construction. Funding and materials ran out when the king's attention turned to Scotland, so the castle was never finished, although an impressive £ 15,000 had been spent on its construction.

Beaumaris Castle Map