Calanques de Piana, France (with Map & Photos)

Calanques de Piana Corsica France

Located between Porto and Piana, the Calanques de Piana is a series of unusual and unusual rock formations, bright red cliffs that plunge in places into the deep blue sea Corsica (France). Calanques de Piana is currently listed as a protected site by UNESCO.

Overlooking the bay of Dardo, the wonderful Calanques de Piana Nature Reserve is located about two kilometers "in a straight line" northeast of the village, France, between it and the Piana municipal forest. They are crossed by the Dardo stream, as well as the D81 road, which in this part is narrow, winding, with dizzying approaches.

Calanques de Piana Corsica
Calanques de Piana Corsica France

The Calanques de Piana (in Corsican calanche di Piana), located about ten kilometers south of Porto, are considered one of the wonders of Corsica (France). Slow erosion has led to the formation of these jagged granite rocks, 300 meters above sea level. A deep blue sea, strange and sometimes fantastic forms of rocks: peaks, columns and intricate figures await you. 

One of the most famous elements of Calanques de Piana is the heart-shaped formation. Elsewhere, rocks form the head of a dog - this place is marked on the Google map as TĂȘte du Chien. When driving along the road, try not to rush so as not to miss this magical place. There are pockets along the road in places where you can stop and get out of the car to calmly admire these fantastic landscapes. Location on the map.

Calanques de Piana
Calanques de Piana Corsica France

In the vicinity of Piana:

Besides the narrow road with great views of the Calanques de Piana, there are numerous hiking trails along the cliffs around Piana - the tourist office can advise you on the best way to appreciate the beauty of Calanques de Piana Corsica, France.

The area around Piana is one of the most beautiful in Corsica and there are many attractions nearby. These include the coastal landscapes of the Scandola Nature Reserve and the picturesque Spelunka Gorges east of Porto, between the villages of Ota and Eviza.

Calanques de Piana Map