Borobudur Temple, Indonesia (with Map & Photos)

Borobudur Temple

is a Buddhist temple (stupa) of the early 8th-9th centuries BC. It is considered a unique monument of medieval Indonesian art.

Borobudur Temple 2
Borobudur Temple

The kings of the Sailendra dynasty built Borobudur between 750 and 850 BC. It is not clear how they managed to bring 60 thousand cubic meters of stone here and build a temple, but nevertheless they did it.

Borobudur Temple 3
Borobudur Temple

The name Borobudur supposedly comes from the Sanskrit 'Vihara Buddha Uhr' - a Buddhist monastery on a hill.

Borobudur Temple 4
Borobudur Temple

With the decline of Buddhism, Borobudur was forgotten for centuries. For a long time it was buried underground, until the British found it in the 19th century and the Dutch cleared it. Since 1991 it has been included in the UNESCO heritage.

Borobudur Temple 5
Borobudur Temple

In 2010, Borobudur miraculously survived the eruption of Mount Merapi, but was covered with such a layer of ash that the entrance to the upper tiers was closed for a year, and then severely limited in terms of the number of visitors.

Borobudur Temple 6
Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur Temple is made in the form of a ten-tier stone pyramid with 72 small stupas, 504 Buddha statues and 1460 bas-reliefs with scenes from the life of Buddha. The dimensions of the temple are 118 by 118 meters.

Borobudur Temple Map