5 Most Dangerous Cities in Vermont

Among the safest states to visit and call home, Vermont is acknowledged as the second least populated state.

5 Most Dangerous Cities in Vermont
5 Most Dangerous Cities in Vermont

The Green Mountain State, or Vermont, is situated in northern New England between upstate New York and New Hampshire.

1. Barre

In central Vermont, close to Montpelier, the state capital, sits the little city of Barre.

Known as the "Granite Center of the World," the city

Barre has violent crime rates that are 50% higher than the national average and nearly four times higher than the state average.

Per square mile, Barre residents have a tenfold higher chance of being victims of crime than those in the entire state.

2. St. Albans

A little village called St. Albans is located in northern Vermont, where St. Albans Bay meets Lake Champlain.

Water covers about 38% of the area in St. Albans.

The rate of violent crime among residents of St. Albans is three times higher than the state average for Vermont.

St. Albans has a high rate of property crime as well—2.5 times higher than the state average.

St. Alban's crime per square mile number is 25 times higher than the state average due to the high crime rates.

3. Rutland

Founded in the 1760s, Rutland is a city located in the south-central region of the Green Mountain State.

Its whole downtown area is protected as a national historic district.

With over 80 crimes per square mile as opposed to Vermont's 5 crimes per square mile, Rutland has much more violent and property crimes than the state average.

When traversing these inner-city neighborhoods, exercise caution as downtown Rutland is one of the least safe places to be.

4. Winooski

Known as "Onion City," Winooski is a small city on the Winooski River.

Of the ten cities inside the borders of Vermont, Winooski is the smallest, at about 1.5 square miles.

In Winooski, the region between Route 89 and Route 27 is the riskiest.

The state average for violent crime in Vermont is around 60% lower than that in Winooski, where the crime rate per square mile is 30 times higher at 154.

5. Burlington

The biggest airport in the state is located in Burlington, the largest city in Vermont.

Situated along Lake Champlain, approximately 40 miles from the Canadian border and 90 miles from Montreal, it is the home of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Although it is still lower than the national average, violent crime in Burlington is slightly less than twice as high as it is across the state.

Residents of Burlington face a more serious issue with property crime rates, which are over three times higher than the state average for Vermont.

Compared to the rest of the state, Burlington has a 22-fold higher crime rate per square mile.