5 Most Dangerous Cities in Rhode Island

Despite being regarded as one of the safest states in the union, crime does exist everywhere. In Rhode Island, for example.

5 Most Dangerous Cities in Rhode Island
5 Most Dangerous Cities in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, these are a few of the less secure cities and towns.

1. Woonsocket

Situated near the border with Massachusetts, Woonsocket is the northernmost city in Rhode Island.

Although Woonsocket is home to the corporate headquarters of CVS Health, the city has violent crime rates that are more than twice as high as the state average.

While Woonsocket's crime rate is more than four times higher than the state average, Rhode Island's crime rate is still higher than the national average.

2. Pawtucket

Northeast of the state lies a reasonably small city called Pawtucket, which is an Algonquian word for "River Fall."

Property crime statistics in Pawtucket are 50% higher than in any other part of the state, and the city has a violent crime rate that is more than twice that of Rhode Island.

The state average for crime per square mile is merely 32, whereas Pawtucket has 185 per square mile.

3. Providence

The capital and most populated city of Rhode Island is Providence, which was established in the 1630s.

Brown University and other universities are located in Providence.

Nonetheless, compared to national and state rates, property and violent crime are higher.

Providence's crime rate (294 per square mile) is almost ten times higher than Rhode Island's average.

4. Central Falls

Northern Rhode Island is home to the city of Central Falls.

With a total size of 1.27 square miles, Central Falls is the smallest city in Rhode Island.

The waterfall on the Blackstone River is the source of the name Central Falls.

The crime rate per square mile in Rhode Island is eight times higher than the state average, despite violent crime being just slightly higher than the overall rate.

5. Newport

Newport is a coastal town situated beside Narragansett Bay.

The state capital is around 30 miles to the east and south of Newport.

It is said to as the affluent and famous summer town resort in New England.

Newport has a slightly higher rate of violent crime than the state average, but its property crime rate is around 40% greater than that of other Rhode Island communities.