5 Most Dangerous Cities in Maryland

Crime rates can fluctuate, and it's important to note that labeling any city as the "most dangerous" can be subjective and may not accurately reflect the overall safety of the community. Additionally, efforts to address and reduce crime are ongoing in many cities.

5 Most Dangerous Cities in Maryland
5 Most Dangerous Cities in Maryland

However, based on historical crime data, some cities in Maryland have faced higher crime rates than others.

  1. Baltimore: Baltimore is often mentioned in discussions about crime rates in Maryland. It has experienced high levels of violent crime, including homicides and shootings.
  2. Salisbury: Salisbury has faced challenges with crime, including property crime and violent crime. However, efforts have been made to address these issues and improve community safety.
  3. Hagerstown: Hagerstown has seen higher crime rates compared to some other cities in Maryland. Property crime and violent crime have been areas of concern.
  4. Annapolis: Annapolis, the capital city of Maryland, has had higher crime rates compared to some other parts of the state. Efforts have been made to address issues related to violent crime.
  5. Cumberland: Cumberland has faced challenges related to crime, with property crime and some instances of violent crime being reported.

It's important to keep in mind that crime rates can change, and cities may implement measures to improve safety. If you are concerned about the current situation in a specific city, it's advisable to check the latest crime statistics and reports from reliable sources, such as local law enforcement agencies or official crime reporting websites.