Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia (with Map & Photos)

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia's most iconic landmarks and is located in Sydney, New South Wales. It is a renowned steel through arch bridge that spans across Sydney Harbour, connecting the central business district (CBD) of Sydney with the North Shore suburbs.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge

Here are some key facts and information about the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

1. Construction

The construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge began in 1923 and was completed in 1932 during the Great Depression. It was officially opened on March 19, 1932.

2. Design

The bridge was designed by the British firm Dorman Long and Co. Ltd, with consulting engineers John Bradfield and Sir Ralph Freeman playing significant roles in its design and construction.

3. Size

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has a total length of 1,149 meters (3,770 feet) and a main span of 503 meters (1,650 feet), making it one of the widest long-span bridges in the world at the time of its completion.

4. Arch

The bridge's distinctive arch design gives it its unique appearance. The top of the arch stands 134 meters (440 feet) above the water level, making it one of the tallest steel arch bridges globally.

5. Transportation

The bridge carries vehicular traffic, trains, pedestrians, and cyclists. It has multiple lanes for cars and is also part of the CityRail network, with railway lines running both over and under the road deck.

6. Affectionate Nickname

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is often affectionately referred to as the "Coathanger" due to its arch shape.

7. Climb

The bridge is a popular tourist attraction, and visitors have the opportunity to climb to the summit of the bridge's arch. This activity, known as the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, provides breathtaking views of the harbor and the city.

8. Fireworks

The bridge plays a central role in Sydney's New Year's Eve celebrations, with a spectacular fireworks display launched from the bridge and its surroundings.

9. Historical Significance

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is not only a symbol of Sydney but also of Australia. Its construction provided jobs during the Great Depression and had a significant impact on the city's growth and development.

10. Maintenance

The bridge requires regular maintenance to ensure its structural integrity. Over the years, various maintenance and renovation projects have been undertaken to keep it in good condition.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic symbol of Australia and a significant engineering marvel. It continues to be a vital transportation link and a must-see attraction for visitors to Sydney.