Goshiki-numa Lake in Nishikawa-machi (with Map & Photos)

Goshiki-numa (五色沼) is a group of five beautiful, picturesque ponds located in the Bandai-Asahi National Park in the Tohoku region of Japan. These ponds are known for their stunning colors, which range from various shades of blue to green and are a popular tourist attraction. Goshiki-numa is situated in the town of Yama, which is part of Nishikawa-machi in Yamagata Prefecture.

Goshiki-numa Lake in Nishikawa-machi Yamagata Prefecture Japan
Goshiki-numa Lake in Nishikawa-machi Yamagata Prefecture Japan

The five ponds in Goshiki-Numa have distinct colors, and they are named after these colors:

  1. Bishamon-numa (毘沙門沼): Blue
  2. Aka-numa (赤沼): Red
  3. Ao-numa (青沼): Blue
  4. Benten-numa (弁天沼): Green
  5. Midoro-numa (みどろ沼): Brown

These ponds were formed as a result of volcanic activity in the area, and the unique colors are a result of minerals and microorganisms present in the water.

Visitors can explore Goshiki-Numa by walking along well-maintained trails and wooden boardwalks that offer stunning views of the ponds and the surrounding natural beauty. The area is particularly popular for hiking and photography, especially during the autumn season when the foliage adds to the picturesque landscape.

Goshiki-Numa is a serene and tranquil destination that showcases the natural wonders of Japan and is worth a visit for anyone traveling in the Yamagata Prefecture region. Please note that the accessibility and visitor information may change, so it's a good idea to check the latest updates and regulations if you plan to visit.

Goshiki-numa Lake in Nishikawa-machi Yamagata Prefecture Japan Map