Fairlane Village Mall | Shopping mall in Pottsville, Pennsylvania

A retail center called Fairlane Village Mall is situated along Route 61 not far from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Boscov's, Dunham's Sports, Kohl's, Michaels, and TJ Maxx serve as their main anchors.

Fairlane Village Mall Pottsville Pennsylvania
Fairlane Village Mall Pottsville Pennsylvania

The mall's construction was delayed by excavation work and the coal finding. The Ford Fairlane automobile served as the inspiration for Fairlane Village, which was constructed on land owned by the Seitzinger Brothers. The mall's anchors upon launch were Woolco, McCrory, and Boscov's. Gee Bee first debuted at the mall in 1983, and Value City took its place in 1993.

In July 1986, Boscov's outside tent fell as a result of bad weather, however only minor injuries were sustained. The Boscov's shop had a significant reconstruction in 1995. In 1998, ERE Yarmouth Retail took over management of the mall. The mall was sold by The Claverton Corp. to Equity Investment Group in 2000. In 2004, A.M. Fairlane Village LLC purchased Fairlane Village Mall from EigFairlane Village Mall LLC. In 2006, Levin Management took over management of the mall. Value City was scheduled to close in November 2008, however, the announcement of its closing was made in February 2008.

When Waldenbooks ran out of inventory in January 2010, as it had stated in late 2009, the shop would close. After several different owners, including Carmike Cinemas, the mall's two-screen movie theater has been vacant since 2010.

Police raided the mall's Dragon Chasers Emporium in February 2012 and searched the store for contraband and related products. The previous Value City was replaced by Kohl's in March 2012 following an extensive refurbishment, however, it did not take up the whole site or have a mall entrance. In August 2012, Michaels opened close to Kohl's. Fashion Bug and the rest of the network shuttered its doors in 2012. In December 2012, Village Pretzel shuttered as a result of the owner's retirement and weak sales.