Bourges France Beautiful historic City (with Map & Photos)

Bourges is a French commune, prefecture of the Cher department, part of the Central region (la région Centre). It is the former capital of Berry: an old province located in the modern departments of Indre and Cher.

Bourges France
Bourges France

How to get there

It is located several tens of kilometers from the center of France in the interfluve of several rivers (Yèvre, Voiselle, Auron, Moulon), which explains the many swamps in the medieval city. Then canals appeared in these places, and vegetable gardens appeared in neighboring areas.

Bourges France
Bourges France

What to see in Bourges


Bourges is classified as a City of Art and History.

  • The Cathedral of Saint-Étienne de Bourges was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.
  • Palace Jacques-Cœur (see Jacques-Cœur)
  • Maurice-Estève Museum on the site of the old hotel
  • The Yèvres and Voiselles marshes, where family gardens and vegetable gardens are located; 2003 were included in the List of Natural Monuments (Liste des Monuments Naturels)
  • Traces of a Gallo-Roman fortress wall.
  • Remains of the palace of Duke Jean de Berry (modern prefecture)
  • Grain warehouse (XII century) – Molière Street, next to the cathedral
  • Archbishop's Palace (XVII century) - a former city hotel - and the French garden (archiepiscopal garden), owned by Le Nôtre
  • Berry Canal and Auron River
  • Hotel Cujas, home to the Musée du Berry
  • Hotel Lallemant (L'Hôtel Lallemant), an example of the early French Renaissance

Bourges France
Bourges France


Every year since 1977 The city hosts a music and cultural festival lasting 5 days usually in April: Spring in Bourges (le Printemps de Bourges).

Every year since 2005 Bourges also hosts the Festival International des Scénaristes at the end of March and the Festival International du Film Écologique at the end of September.

The city is also home to one of the first Houses of Culture (Maisons de la Culture), built by Andre Malraux. Opened in 1964 Andre Malraux and General de Gaulle.

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