West Frisian Islands, Netherlands (with Map & Photos)

The West Frisian Islands, also known as the Wadden Islands, are a chain of islands located in the North Sea off the northern coast of the Netherlands. These islands form an archipelago and are part of the province of Friesland.

West Frisian Islands Netherlands
West Frisian Islands Netherlands

The West Frisian Islands include the following five inhabited islands, listed from west to east:

1. Texel

Texel is the largest and most populous island, known for its beautiful nature reserves, sandy beaches, and diverse wildlife. It is accessible by ferry from Den Helder.

2. Vlieland

Vlieland is a smaller and more secluded island, characterized by its tranquil atmosphere, sand dunes, and forests. It is known for its cycling and hiking trails and is accessible by ferry from Harlingen.

3. Terschelling

Terschelling is a popular tourist destination with picturesque villages, wide sandy beaches, and a vibrant cultural scene. It is known for its annual Oerol Festival and can be reached by ferry from Harlingen.

4. Ameland

Ameland is known for its beautiful beaches, nature reserves, and charming villages. It offers opportunities for hiking, cycling, and water sports. Ameland is accessible by ferry from Holwerd.

5. Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog is the smallest and least populated of the West Frisian Islands. It is a designated national park, offering unspoiled landscapes, dunes, beaches, and birdwatching opportunities. Access to Schiermonnikoog is limited to ferries from Lauwersoog.

West Frisian Islands Netherlands
West Frisian Islands Netherlands

These islands are known for their unique ecosystems, including tidal flats, dunes, and salt marshes, which have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They are popular destinations for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

West Frisian Islands Map