Mount Kosciuszko, Australia's Highest Point (with Map & Photos)

The highest mountain in Australia is called Mount Kosciuszko. Although for many, even amateur climbers, it is not of particular interest, this peak is included in the "7 peaks" program. And in technical terms, climbing is not particularly difficult; even elderly people and those with disabilities can climb the mountain. Where is Mount Kosciuszko located? What are its features? You can learn about this and much more by reading this article.

Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko

But, first of all, it should be noted that the mountain was previously called Townsend. The name "Kosciuszko" belonged to the top of the neighboring peak, which was considered the highest in the Australian Alps at that time. It was later established that Mount Townsend was as much as 20 meters higher, and out of respect for Strzelecki Pavel Edmund, land manager of New South Wales, it was decided to swap the names of these two mountains. And now the highest peak on this continent is called Kosciuszko.

Mount Kosciuszko: photo, location

Kosciuszko is located in the southern part of the East Australian mountains. This site with all its surrounding territory is often called the Snowy Mountains. This is the most popular and famous part of mountainous Australia, bordering Victoria (state).

Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko

Kosciuszko is perfectly visible from long distances across Australia. It is noteworthy that nowhere, on any of the other continents, is the highest peak so low. Kosciuszko (mountain) is unusual and specific. Its height is 2228 m above sea level.


The best season to climb to the top is from November to March. A mountain of such a level as Mount Kosciuszko is more of an attraction than an object of climbing. This peak is one of the most comfortable and equipped in the whole world. There are several routes for climbing, and they practically do not differ in their complexity. Hike to the top can be started from Thredbo (it is a lift and a slow walk of 6.5 km), and also from Charlotte Pass, from where trails are 9 and 12 km long.
A bit of history

Mount Kosciuszko was discovered in 1839. The very first ascent to it was made after that a year later by the Pole Pavel Edmund Strzelecki (1797-1873). He gave this name to the mountain in honor of the hero of Poland T. Kosciuszko (1746-1817). Shortly after this, the researchers discovered that Mount Townsend, located near this one, is slightly higher than Kosciuszko (this was noted above), and therefore the name was renamed. It turns out that Strzelecki actually conquered the mountain, today called "Townsend".

Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko

Resort center

Currently, Kosciuszko (mountain and its surroundings) is an important tourist center in Australia. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit it every year. In addition to fascinating trips to the top, in these places, you can also have a great time at ski resorts, the most famous of which are Perisher Blue and Thredbo. They are fully equipped but function only in the cold and snowy seasons.

Mount Kosciuszko, the territory surrounding it, resorts, and all the roads stretching here are part of the Kosciuszko National Park, famous for its magnificent natural landscapes, in which mountain peaks, alpine meadows, and lakes, stunning in their beauty, play an important and even the greatest role.

Mountainous Australia

Mount Kosciuszko is great for travel enthusiasts, for non-professional climbers. But the amazing nature of this fabulous corner of the earth is also represented by other magnificent peaks with beautiful landscapes. The average height of the East Australian peak is approximately 700 meters. The highest peaks are located in the northern part of the site, while the wider and higher peaks are located in the southern territories (average height - 1000 m). The Blue Mountains and Liverpool Range have World Heritage status.

The mountain ranges drop especially sharply towards the Pacific Ocean. In these places, the peaks have a rather pointed shape. In the western part, on the contrary, the peaks are more gentle. In general, the mountain range is divided into two parts by basins (eastern and western).

Mount Kosciuszko Map