Denali National Park, Alaska Wilderness (with Map & Photos)

Denali National Park and Preserve is a protected area located in interior Alaska Wilderness and contains Mount Denali, the highest mountain in North America. The park covers 24,585 km². Christopher McCandless is famous for having lived in it for 4 months, surviving completely on his own, Thoreau -style, before dying.

denali national park alaska wilderness
denali national park alaska wilderness

Most visitors come to Denali National Park to experience the 20,000-foot-tall Mount McKinley, which is much more than just a mountain. Denali National Park is named after the highest peak in North America, known to locals as Denali, or "the highest" in the Athabaskan language, spoken by one of Alaska's native tribes. Located north of Anchorage, Alaska, this National Park is the largest in the US. It has more than 2.4 hectares of tundra, mountains and glaciers, which contrast with the area's vast wetland and verdant spruce forests.

Denali National Park, in interior Alaska, owes its name to a mount that is home to the highest mountain in North America. However, it has many other charms that have made it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state. Can you come with us? You will not regret.

Denali National Park Alaska Wilderness Map