Kullen Lighthouse, Mölle, Sweden (with Map & Photos)

Kullen Lighthouse in Kullaberg, Sweden We are in the presence of one of the most powerful lighthouses in Scandinavia. Luz Kullen is located on the southwestern coast of Sweden, in the province of Scania.

Where is Kullen Lighthouse
Where is Kullen Lighthouse


Located in the south of Sweden, next to the mouth of the Öresund river, in the province of Scania we can find the beautiful and attractive Kullen Lighthouse.


It is listed as the largest lighthouse in the Kullenber region of this nation. This beautiful building dates from 1898 and allows us to experience peace in the ocean in a different way while we take a tour of its facilities. His lantern helps guide boats through one of the busiest passages in the world - the connection between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea). Despite having been automated in 1979 and currently controlled remotely, it still has a fixed guardian, currently everything is handled automatically based on a program in case the manager is resting or giving a brief review to tourists about the story of the lighthouse It is an 80-meter lighthouse that is over a hundred years old.

Kullen Lighthouse Map