Destiny USA | Shopping mall in New York

Destiny USA (formerly known as Carousel Center, 1990–2012) is a large, six-story regional shopping and entertainment complex recognized as New York's largest, car-focused mall in downtown New York on the lakefront Onondaga.

Shopping Mall Destiny USA Syracuse New York
Shopping Mall Destiny USA Syracuse New York

At this large shopping complex in downtown New York, shoppers can visit high-end stores, but also find bargains at outlets and 99-cent stores.

Inside the DESTINY USA shopping center is divided into six floors above ground and one floor underground, where stores such as Dave & Buster's are located, anchor stores include Macy's, At Home, Dick's Sporting Goods, Burlington Coat Factory, Forever 21, DSW, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, and TJ Maxx.

Among its various entertainment options visitors can find COMEDY CLUBS, CAROUSEL antiques.

The bottom three floors and the basement are used for commercial retail stores.

Shopping Mall Destiny USA Syracuse New York
Shopping Mall Destiny USA Syracuse New York

The FIRST and SECONDlevel stretch the length of the mall and house the various shops, vendors, restaurants, and entertainment venues, with the main food court and namesake carousel located on the second floor.

The THIRD level includes a Regal Cinemas which has 19 theaters, restaurants.

The FOURTH level is mainly administrative offices.

The UNDERGROUND level, known as the COMMONS floor, houses midsize shops, a chapel, kiosks and two underground parking garages.

**An underground garage once housed the BEST BUY Facility Center, which closed with the store in 2021. The Commons floor does not run the length of the mall and is only in the original mall structure built in 1990, not in the 2012 addition.

DESTINY USA has exterior parking that surrounds the mall on almost all sides. On the Hiawatha Boulevard side, there are additional parking lots across the street from the mall and a pedestrian bridge was built to connect the parking lot to the second floor of the 2012 addition. Parking includes one above ground and two underground garages.

the mallIt is served by CENTRO buses. There are main entrances on almost all sides of the mall. Other entrances are found through the anchor stores and underground parking garages.