Promthep Cape, Phuket Island, Thailand (with Map & Photos)

Promthep Cape (Phuket Island, Thailand) is the southernmost point of Phuket with a popular viewing platform where tourists and locals come to admire the surroundings from a bird's eye view and watch sunsets. From the top of the hill there are views of the bays of Nai Harn, Rawai, Yanui and Ao San, the islands of Man and Racha.

Cape Promthep Phuket Island Thailand
Cape Promthep Phuket Island Thailand

In clear weather, the water area acquires a rich turquoise hue, and the sea seems endless, as the horizon line merges with the blue of the sky.

Unlike the northern latitudes, where the sun glides smoothly across the sky, describing a semicircle, in the tropics, the movement of the luminary occurs differently. Due to the proximity to the equator, the solar disk is at its zenith for almost the entire daylight hours, and sunrises and sunsets are fleeting. It gets dark early, twilight thickens rapidly, and by 6 pm darkness sets in. If the purpose of the trip to Promthep is to see fantastic sunset panoramas, then you should leave in advance, in such a way that you will be there by 4 pm.

Cape Promthep Phuket Island Thailand
Cape Promthep Phuket Island Thailand

The popularity of the location among Chinese tourists, who are brought here by strings of sightseeing buses, will not allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the area alone. Moreover, you will have to not only look for good angles for photographs, but also wait a long time for moments so that the ubiquitous guests from China do not fall into the frame.

Phromthep Cape Infrastructure

Free parking is provided in front of the entrance to the observation deck, and there is a separate area for motorbikes. Tents and stationary pavilions sell souvenirs, clothes and shoes, beach accessories and cosmetics. Prices are at least twice as high as for the same goods on the island. Gasoline is sold in glass alcohol bottles. Pan-Asian dishes are offered in the macarons, there are several stalls with fruit. Price tags in cafes and restaurants are also overpriced.

A staircase without ramps leads upstairs. Installed at the foot of a large stand announces the ban on smoking and drinking alcohol. The spacious area, lined with paving slabs, is fenced with parapets. There are benches and vending binoculars around the perimeter. By dropping 10 baht into a coin acceptor, you will be able to see in detail the landscapes and sights of Phuket.

Near the gazebo with white columns grows Bodhi tree, sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Botanists attribute it to ficuses under the Latin name Ficus religiosa. Prince Siddhartha Gautama meditated under the spreading canopy of such a tree until he attained enlightenment, becoming Shakyamuni Buddha. Bodhi means "awakening" in Sanskrit. Multi-colored ribbons, fabrics and flags are tied around the trunk.

Cape Promthep Phuket Island Thailand
Cape Promthep Phuket Island Thailand

The tower with a gilded dome is a lighthouse erected in 1996 in honor of the 50th anniversary of the reign of King Rama IX (died in 2016). The first floor houses the Maritime Museum. To go inside, you need to take off your shoes. The museum exposition is dedicated to the history of Phuket. For centuries, the island served as a harbor for merchant fleets and was referred to in historical documents as Jung Ceylon. At Cape Promthep, in the old days, lanterns were lit for the safe passage of ships. Among the exhibits are ancient navigational instruments, ship's logs, ship models, portraits of members of the royal family. Having risen to the second floor, visitors get to an open viewing platform with a circular view.

Near the museum stands a monument to Apakon Kyattivong, the founder of the Siamese navy. Krom Luang Chumphon is not a name, but a title, which many guides are unaware of and misinform tourists. The admiral is depicted standing in full growth in a uniform with epaulettes and a cocked hat on his head. The prince, born in 1880, was the 28th child of Rama V (polygamy was accepted among the Siamese monarchs). The heir had no chance of ever ascending the throne, but he left a noticeable mark on the history of the Chakri dynasty. After studying naval affairs in Great Britain and returning to his homeland, the commander founded the Academy of Navigation, and in 1922 ordered the construction of a naval base in Sattahip, which is still the largest in the country.

Not far from the statue of the national hero is the altar of the god Brahma, surrounded by hundreds of statuettes of elephants and decorated with flower garlands. In the Hindu pantheon, Brahma is revered as the creator of the world, included in the divine triad along with Vishnu the guardian and Shiva the destroyer.

If you go down the winding path, you will open up new vistas of the sea and the coast. The waves break on the rocks, creating a foam plume.

The path leading to the very edge of Cape Promthep is quite dangerous, and therefore warning signs are placed. It is recommended to go downhill in trekking boots or shoes with a closed toe, so as not to injure your feet on the stones.
Don't forget to use repellents. Especially a lot of mosquitoes in the evening.

Cape Promthep Phuket Island Thailand
Cape Promthep Phuket Island Thailand

How to get to Promthep Cape in Phuket

Public transport does not go here, so part of the route will have to be overcome on foot. In Phuket Town, you need to take a blue songteo bus with the inscription Phuket-Town - Rawai - Nai Harn and get off at the very end of Rawai Beach, as soon as the minibus passes the beach line. The fare will be 30 baht. It will take about an hour to drive, as the driver often stops to pick up and drop off passengers. At the crossroads, turn left and walk 1.5 km to Yanuy Beach, then make another left turn and walk 500 m. Walking will take about half an hour.

You can get from Patong, Karon, Kata and other beaches by bus only with a transfer in Phuket Town.

A visit to Promthep Cape is included in most sightseeing tours included in package tours. The disadvantage of this option of visiting is the time limit. Independent travelers prefer to rent a motorbike for 200 baht per day and see the sights at their own pace. You do not need to present a driver's license, it is enough to pay a cash deposit and leave a photocopy of your passport.

In the GrabTaxi mobile application, motorbike taxis, cars and minibuses are available for ordering.

Promthep Cape Map