10 Best Tourist Destinations for Christmas

Christmas is already very close and there are many people who choose to spend it in unconventional tourist destinations alone or accompanied, the possibilities are very varied, it all depends on your budget and the free time you have.

10 Best Tourist Destinations for Christmas
10 Best Tourist Destinations for Christmas

During Christmas it is easy to find last-minute low-cost offers to find affordable trips and attractive tourist destinations at very competitive prices if you do not have a specific organization plan. If, on the contrary, you are one of those who prefer to plan your vacation in detail, we will We offer ten irresistible tourist destinations to spend the holidays:

10 tourist proposals for Christmas

  • Rural getaway The countryside and nature acquire a special charm for these holidays and there are many offers available both in Spain and abroad, a rural house accompanied by friends or a romantic getaway with your partner, make this proposal a highly recommended option adapted to all pockets. There are rural accommodations close to the towns to celebrate Christmas by participating in the local festivities and for those who prefer to get lost in the world, there are also more secluded accommodations to enjoy complete privacy.
  • Trips to China The Asian giant is the ideal option for those unconventional people, who do not like Christmas or who are not religious, since in China, only a minority (approximately 10%) celebrate Christmas intimately and similar way to how Christians do it, but there is no state holiday as it is known in most Spanish-speaking countries because it is a secular nation, also in China the new year is not celebrated until February, therefore, those who wish to forget about Christmas this year, they will find the perfect refuge in this country.
  • Tourism in the Caribbean If the cold and snow are not to your liking, spending Christmas on a paradisiacal Caribbean beach can give you an unforgettable experience: fine sand, crystalline waters, sun, a coconut and a hammock is the dream of all those who wish to end the year in a different way.
  • Traveling to New York The Big Apple is one of the most traditional tourist destinations for these holidays, but it is no less attractive for those who have never had the opportunity to visit this Megalopolis during these dates, the activity of its shopping centers, the network of lights that runs through the city, the festive atmosphere that its visitors enjoy and we must not forget New Year's Eve in Central Park, one of the most emblematic in the world.
  • Finland And if instead of waiting for Santa Claus to visit our house, we choose to visit his? Santa Claus, we will enjoy a typical Christmas atmosphere (with reindeer included) and we will enjoy typical postcard landscapes.
  • Jerusalem For Christmas lovers or the most believers, Jerusalem can exceed all your expectations, get to know the city where the Christmas tradition was born, visit the emblematic Manger Square that receives around 15,000 visits each year along with the Christmas Basilica built 335AD and you can't miss the Misa del Gallo either.
Rio de Janeiro Another irresistible sun and beach travel destination, especially recommended for partygoers and that will provide you with unforgettable parties in one of the most vibrant capitals in all of Latin America and one of the preferred options for spending New Year's Eve abroad.
  • Marrakech Interesting tourist destination in North Africa to spend Christmas sheltered in the traditional souks of the city that are the nerve center of this interracial city considered a World Heritage Site.
  • The Alps and the Pyrenees are another attractive tourist destination for those who wish to enjoy a typical Christmas landscape that is much more affordable than Finland, dreamy houses, beautiful landscapes of pine trees and of course lots of snow for lovers of cold sports.

Trips to Europe For those who prefer not to leave the continent, any of the European capitals will satisfy your expectations this Christmas, from spending a festive New Year's Eve in the best London nightlife or in Praça do Comércio (Lisbon), going through a romantic getaway in Paris or Italian Tuscany, even strolling through the typical Christmas markets in Berlin, browsing Dutch or Venetian cannels, etc.

These are just a few suggestions of some of the most exotic or most demanded tourist destinations for these dates, but what is really important is to enjoy the moment and the company, those who do not have time to go out on vacation, can choose to explore their area. local or moving to neighboring municipalities, many times we will be surprised discovering small paradises much closer to our house than we would have ever imagined and that they were always there, waiting for us to pay them a little attention.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!