What Happened to the 'Lost Colony' of Roanoke?

Situated in a vast valley in the midst of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, the charming city of Roanoke is a delight to visit and explore. It is often called the “Star City of the South”, due to the colossal illuminated star atop mighty Mill Mountain that shines down on its streets and suburbs.

Roanoke Virginia
Roanoke Virginia

Historically it has been an important transportation hub thanks to its strategic location in the southwest of the state, but in recent years the city has developed a thriving arts and cultural scene. Now there are theaters and cultural centers to visit, as well as numerous music venues and museums. Among them, the Taubman Museum of Art is worth a visit for its huge collection of artwork, while the Virginia Transportation Museum showcases the history of the Roanoke Railroad.

Although home to enticing attractions and a growing number of excellent restaurants, most people use Roanoke as a base to explore the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway and the endless Appalachian Trail.

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