Lake Valvestino, Province of Brescia, Italy (with Map & Photos)

Lake Valvestino (Italy) is an artificial basin of rare beauty, with glimpses reminiscent of the most beautiful Norwegian fjords. It is located along the road that connects Lake Idro with Lake Garda and is regulated by the Ponte Cola Dam built on the Toscolano stream.

Lake Valvestino Italy
Lake Valvestino Italy

Peculiarities of Lake Valvestino are the marvelous inlets - hence the well-known resemblance to the Scandinavian landscapes - and the overhanging rocks. A succession of unique images in the tranquility of a landscape that escapes the Garda traffic, culminating with the unexpected appearance of the imposing dam on the horizon.

Full of curves, the road that winds along the Valvestino is particularly popular with motorcyclists, especially in the summer. Those who love traveling alone will be happy to know that in the other months of the year it is easy to travel many kilometers without meeting anyone.

Regardless of the means by which you travel, we recommend that you stop in one of the pitches to enjoy this unique scenery.

Lake Valvestino Map