Doi Inthanon National Park, Thailand (with Map & Photos)

Doi Inthanon National Park is one of the most important and visiting national parks in Thailand. Here is Mount Inthanon, which at 2,565 meters is the highest in the country.

Doi Inthanon National Park Highest Peak in Thailand
Doi Inthanon National Park Highest Peak in Thailand

If you are thinking of getting to know the north of Thailand, without a doubt, a stop on your trip. 


In this post I tell you how to get there from Chiang Mai, how to visit it on your own, what options there are for excursions, what to see and do, prices, schedules...


You can arrive by rental car or with an excursion; If you decide to do it on your own and go with your car, it will take almost 2 hours to get there from Chiang Mai, but the roads are in good condition. The signs are in Thai, so ask for a map at the rental shop and it will not be difficult to follow the directions.
The entrance to the park costs 300 Baht for foreigners and 50 for locals. If you are a foreigner already residing in Thailand, they let you pay the Thai price if you show your tax payment card or if you explain and convince them that you live in the country.

Once you pass the entrance you will have to drive a little more until you reach the main offices of the park (National Park Headquarters) where you can pick up a map of the area. This park is huge, 482 km2 and several roads so if you don't want to get lost, don't forget the map.

Doi Inthanon National Park Highest Peak in Thailand
Doi Inthanon National Park Highest Peak in Thailand


In the park there are several hiking trails, each route is marked and it is not difficult to follow the trails (at least the easiest ones, since there are various difficulties). There are several waterfalls, rice fields, forests, jungles and some viewpoints.

The highlight of the park is the top, and its two pagodas. (Although I personally really liked getting lost on the trails and finding the waterfalls).

The top of the park and the 2 Pagodas

At the top of Mount Inthanon, there is a viewpoint with beautiful views. In it are also the two pagodas of the park. They are a very popular stamp, and much photographed. 

wachirathan waterfall

This waterfall is accessible by car (like almost all the ones in the park) and you have it marked on the map. This is perhaps one of the most photogenic since the waterfall is quite high and noisy. Although if what you are looking for is a bath, this waterfall is not the best option.

Doi Inthanon National Park Highest Peak in Thailand
Doi Inthanon National Park Highest Peak in Thailand

Mae Klang Waterfall

This waterfall is located before the entrance to the park and even has a ticket office if you want to buy a ticket here.

go trekking

There are tons of trails you can follow. If you want from the office at the entrance, when you buy the access tickets, it is possible to reserve a hiking route. They are agreed hours and are quite cheap, about 30 baths.

The most popular tour is the Gew Mae Pan (or Kio Mae Pan). Starting near the two pagodas, it is the most requested option. It requires a guide, and it is an excursion of about 2 hours, in which you will go through areas of the jungle, you will go through small bridges, you will enjoy a natural environment without equal and you will know some hidden waterfalls with small lagoons at your feet where if you want, you can bathe.

The park is huge, and going through it all is impossible in a single day. All the points on the list can be done on a free excursion in one day. If you decide to look for an organized excursion, make sure to see what it includes. Since some cheaper, only include a viewpoint, a waterfall and pagodas. And in case you want to seize the day and do something else, he will buy all the options.

Doi Inthanon National Park Map