Texas State Capitol - Guide To Austin Architecture

This version of the Texas Capitol building was built after the 1853 building was deemed too small for the mighty state. Meticulous attention to detail was given in the design.

Texas Capitol
Texas Capitol

Designed by Elijah Myers (local architect).
A couple of years before the end of the work, Myers was fired, instead, Reuben Lindsey Walker and Gustav Wilke began to manage the construction.
The grand opening of the government building took place in 1888.

The Texas Capitol is a majestic neo-Renaissance building made of pink granite, the height of the building is 95 meters, which is 7 meters higher than the main United States Capitol☝️️, located in Washington.

At the time of construction, the Texas State Capitol was the seventh largest building in the world.

It was also Austin 's tallest structure until 1972 !