Muniellos Nature Reserve, Spain (with Map & Photos)

The Forest of Muniellos is part of the nature reserve of the same name and is the largest oak forest in Spain.

The Muniellos Nature Reserve is a natural forest that has been unchanged for decades, which leads us to imagine what Asturias would have looked like in the past.

muniellos nature reserve spain
muniellos nature reserve spain

It includes the mountains of Munieḷḷos and La Vilieḷḷa (Cangas del Narcea) and the mountain of Valdebois (Ibias). The Munieḷḷos Forest, the largest oak forest in Spain and one of the best preserved in Europe, welcomes in its surroundings a true virgin nature that is reborn each season with surprising examples of its adaptation to the environment. Always changing, it is a clear example of the Asturian paradise at all times of the year. Oaks of different species and up to six meters in diameter, beech and birch trees that are dotted with the continuous presence of holly and yew trees, perennial kings of Munieḷḷos autumn.

Muniellos Nature Reserve Map