The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt (with Map & Photos)

Great Pyramid of Giza. The only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still exists, and is one of the great monuments of history that is part of the world heritage due to its historical past.

Great Pyramid of Giza
Great Pyramid of Giza


Located on the outskirts of Cairo, this pyramid is the largest of the three and is estimated to have been completed in 2570 BC. intended to house the body of Khufu, then pharaoh of the fourth dynasty of Ancient Egypt and also known as Cheops, who had ordered the construction of a tomb that, due to its height, should hide the Sun.

The architect who carried out the work was Hemiunu, a relative of the pharaoh, who revolutionized the laws of physics by building what was then, and until well into the 19th century, the tallest building in the world.

Great Pyramid of Giza
Great Pyramid of Giza


  • It has a height of 145 m.
  • Base area of ​​52 square meters. Sufficient area to contain 20 Olympic swimming pools.
  • Until modern skyscrapers were built, the Great Pyramid was the tallest building in the world.
  • The pyramid was made over 20 years and erected with 2,300,000 stone blocks of approximately two tons per block, although some blocks reached 60 tons.
  • To carry out the project, nearly 100,000 slaves were needed who worked in a suffering way for a long time, in many cases in miserable conditions and with little food.

Architectural Triumph

What makes the pyramid an architectural triumph and one of the Seven Wonders of the World is the fact that each of the stones used in its construction weighs more than two tons. And the Pyramid is made up of more than two million such stones.

Great Pyramid of Giza
Great Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid Structure


As for the interior of the pyramid, it is made up of three main chambers: the King's Chamber, the Queen's Chamber and the Underground Chamber, the latter located underground. It also has a space called the Great Gallery and various ventilation channels.

King's Chamber

It has granite slabs and is rectangular in shape, with smooth walls and ceilings, and is a stripped-down space with a single point of attention: the empty granite sarcophagus of the pharaoh, without any inscription. On the roof are the discharge chambers that serve to divert the pressure exerted by the upper blocks of the pyramid.

Queen's Chamber

It is located in the center of the pyramid and is also rectangular. Its walls are smooth and it does not present any decoration or niche.

Great Pyramid of Giza Map