Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia (with Map & Photos)

Fraser Island sits off the coast of Hervey Bay on the east coast of Australia. We can describe Fraser Island as a gigantic sand dune that is in continuous movement, very slowly. It is included and listed as a world heritage and is therefore protected by conservation laws.

Fraser Island Beach Australia
Fraser Island Beach Australia

You can fly to Fraser from Hervey Bay, where you'll land on a beach about 75 miles long. You can take the car if you want, although you will not get very far if it is not a vehicle prepared for all types of terrain, although there is the alternative of leaving the car parked in Hervey Bay. You can also go by fast ferry, which reaches the island in about 20 minutes, or take a more conventional ferry that takes 45 minutes to an hour.

There are many companies on Fraser Island that offer day tours or full tour packages. All these exits are made with four-wheel drive vehicles, and in fact even the dumpster cars have this type of traction.

Fraser Island Beach Australia
Fraser Island Beach Australia

The island is truly a paradise, and there are very varied areas such as beaches of extreme tropical beauty, freshwater lakes, fishing areas on the beaches, and other activities. On its beaches, especially those in the eastern part, fishing is so popular that every year a competition is held that lasts a full week.

Fraser Island is quite popular with families and groups of friends who decide to spend their entire vacation on the island, as well as with travelers touring Australia who decide to stop by, particularly Swedes, English and Germans.

Fraser Island has its own population of dingoes, which are a breed similar to conventional dogs but indigenous to the country. These dingoes are believed to be the only purebred in Australia, so pets are not allowed on the island.

It is also forbidden to feed them or get close to them. If you're camping, food needs to be stored safely, especially if you're away from your tent. All trash must be bagged and placed in containers.

Fraser Island Beach Australia
Fraser Island Beach Australia

There are over forty lakes, two hundred river mouths, some two hundred kilometers of beaches, and over 100 kilometers of walking paths. Its scenarios are ideal to forget about all our problems dragged from our place of origin, and the only problem that we will find is not wanting to return when the vacations and the days off that we have taken are going to end.

The most notable beaches that we can comment on, is the Indian Head, which is very visited especially for surfing. Not far from there are the so-called ' champagne pools ', formed in a barrier of volcanic rocks that protects the beach and its natural pools from the ocean.

The waves pass over the rocks continuously filling these pools offering a unique experience when we bathe.

Cape Sandy is more difficult to access and is located in the north of the island, and for this reason it is the one that is most rarely visited. The cape has a nice lighthouse worth seeing. If you wake up wanting to walk, it is advisable to visit this beautiful beach where we can enjoy it for a few hours as if it were our property, with hardly any people around, if there are any.

Fraser Island Beach Australia
Fraser Island Beach Australia

Where do I stay?

Staying on Fraser Island ranges from going to a campground, which can be free, to going to a 5-star hotel such as the Kingfisher on the west side, or the Fraser Island Retreat on the east side. The truth is that camping is the most popular choice, since it has been done for many years and is something traditional among hikers, families and visitors of all kinds. Many of the places to stay are on the eastern side of the 120-kilometre stretch of beach.

There is also the possibility of renting a private house, where we can be pleasantly surprised to find typical houses in the area, which do not necessarily have to be on the ground. We have an example of the latter in the orchid house , where it is supported several meters high with long stakes overcoming the unevenness.

Another more conventional possibility is the K'Gary where we will find the house fully equipped, and where the house practically has hardly any walls, so we will see amazing landscapes wherever we are. It is also only 10 minutes from the natural pools mentioned above.

The hotels are varied and with prices ranging from the luxurious to the most reasonable, although in general it must be taken into account that all the hotels are quite standard and in general they can be somewhat expensive. This is perhaps why camping sites are so popular, especially for travelers who go in large numbers.

There are about 8 main campsites, of which 6 are managed by the environment department and the others operate privately. All of them are well established and offer a high quality of services and resources that a campsite should have, from toilets, showers, market, barbecues, entertainment areas, etc. Most of them have been built near the beach so that visitors have it within walking distance.

Fraser Island Map