The Stunning Flying Point Beach in Water Mill, New York

At the southern end of Flying Point Road in Water Mill is picturesque Flying Point Beach, near the Water Mill Beach Club. This ideal opportunity for families has restrooms and lifeguards on duty during the day. You'll find beachgoers enjoying volleyball, kayaking, and fishing. Non-resident seasonal permits are accepted, but day passes are not available, making it an exclusive stretch of sand.

Flying Point Beach
Flying Point Beach New York

Further down the road, you'll find "The Cut," where Mecox Bay meets the ocean, creating tide pools that are popular with families with young children. This beach requires a resident sticker, but you can enter by walking, cycling, or being dropped off. Mecox Bay is ideal for kayaking, paddle boarding, and kitesurfing.

Water Mill is the only place on the South Fork that has a utility defeat mill and a water mill. Leave a little time in your day to walk down High Street and stop by the Parrish Museum of Art and the South Fork Museum of Natural History and the East End Boy's Museum in nearby Bridgehampton.