Bahia Inglesa, Caldera, Chile (with Map & Photos)

After La Serena and two nearby villages, I was advised to look into the village of Bahia Inglesa, but since there is no direct bus to it and housing here is more expensive than in the city of Caldera, where my bus arrived, I decided to stay there.

Bahia Inglesa Chile map
Bahia Inglesa Chile

Note: the cost of the bus from La Serena to Caldera is 16.5 dollars, the journey is 6 hours

Exactly why they sent me here. Said beautiful beaches. With which it is difficult not to agree.

How to get to Bahia Inglesa

From Caldera you can get to the collective in just 10-15 minutes and a dollar and a half. Only from these beaches it is neither cold nor hot, the water in the ocean is icy! People bathe, but I can’t, I’m spoiled by the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand, where the water is like fresh milk.

Bahia Inglesa Chile map
Bahia Inglesa Chile

Note: the collective in Chile is cars, with a sign of its route on the roof. It is clear that often the names of the streets will not tell you anything, it is impossible to paint the entire route. Therefore, stop the car and tell the driver where you need to go, and he either says that he is not on the way or nods his head and you get into the car. The cost of such minibuses depends on the city and distance. Roughly 90 cents to $2.

What to see besides the beaches

On one of the beaches of Bahia Inglesa, I came across an interesting natural phenomenon. The sea elephant changed its skin. It was neatly fenced on all sides with a ribbon and a big announcement was put up.

There is also a hill with a cross, marked on the map as a church.

And if you walk a couple of kilometers along the highway towards the Caldera, you can meet such a strange installation.

Bahia Inglesa Chile
Bahia Inglesa Chile

Having examined and photographed the installation, I began to catch the collective. By the way, both cities were built in the desert, so even though the ocean was nearby, the heat was deadly. Apparently, for this reason, the driver gave me a ride for free. He simply refused to take money from me, said that I was so lonely and unhappy on the track in this heat)).

A few words about Caldera

Now, about Caldera.

Actually, it is not as dense here as in Bahia Ingles.

There is a church in the main square. Only normal, not a hill.

Bahia Inglesa Map