Outlets in Las Vegas: which is the best?

Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. The entertainment capital is a city set up for consumption, so outlets in Las Vegas could not be missing. In the city you will find everything, from luxury shops to outlets where you will find things at very good prices. In addition to telling you all the necessary information about the city's outlets, we leave you with 75 things to do in Las Vegas so that you can enjoy the city as it deserves. It's not all about shopping!

1. Las Vegas Premium Outlets North, the best outlet in Las Vegas

For us this is the best outlet in Las Vegas. It belongs to the same company as the Jersey Gardens of New Jersey or other of the best known in the country. It is located just north of the famous "The Strip", in the old center of Las Vegas.

It is an open-air outlet, where you suffer a lot if it is the suffocating heat that is usual in the city. However, we assure you that you will spend more time inside than outside the stores. The outlet has 175 stores that offer discounts from 25% to 65% every day. It also has a food court where you will find several restaurants, perfect for spending the day.

Outlets in Las Vegas
The best of the outlets in Las Vegas has a lot of variety and excellent offers

Is it worth going to an outlet in Las Vegas?

Not all stores are worth it, since despite the fact that they apply great discounts, the price is usually quite similar to the conventional one. In the case of this outlet, the stores that offer the best discounts are Nike, where you will find very discounted footwear, and Tommy Hilfiger, with polo shirts for $15. Other interesting stores are O'neill, with backpacks at 50% off, and Converse also usually have sales.

It is important to know the importance of buying the discount book offered by the outlet. Do not buy it if you do not have to pay it, since most discounts are only if you spend very high amounts. To buy it you will only have to present your passport at the information point.

How to get to Premium Outlets North Las Vegas?

By car is the easiest option. In addition, one of the positive aspects of this outlet is that it has free parking.

If you don't have a car, you can take the bus from Las Vegas (SDX) and get off at the stop with the name of the outlet. Transportation is quite expensive, so we advise you to get the one-day pass that costs $8.

Another option is to pay for an Uber, which is fully legalized in the United States. It will cost you around $10 depending on availability. If you are looking for outlets in Las Vegas, this is the best.

2. Las Vegas Premium Outlets South

This outlet belongs to the same chain as the previous one and is quite similar. It is located on Las Vegas Boulevard south of "The Strip". If you have already been to the other one, we do not advise you to go to this one. It's almost the same and it's smaller. One of the positive aspects with respect to the previous one is that this one is covered and it does not get hot.

Our recommendation is that you go directly to the first one that we have mentioned, since there is more variety and in case you have not found what you wanted, maybe you will have luck in this one.

How to get to Las Vegas Premium Outlets South?

It is best to go by car. If you don't have a vehicle, the Las Vegas bus also takes 41 minutes from downtown to the stop named after the outlet. Take the $8 pass valid for the whole day.

3. Fashion Outlets Primm

This is the third and last of the outlets in Las Vegas. If you have time to spare and/or you love to go shopping, it is a great option. However, it is the furthest away, located in Primm (Nevada) 30 minutes south of “The Strip”. We consider that it is much worse than the previous two, so if you are short on time, we would rule out your visit directly. It has about 100 stores including several luxury ones.

Of course, the prices are cheaper compared to the two that are located in Las Vegas.

How to get to Fashion Outlets?

This is the most complicated part if you do not have a rental vehicle. There are several bus services that depart from most casinos. Tickets cost $14. If you are interested, the best thing you can do is ask at the hotel receptions and they will tell you if there is availability and their schedules. Without a doubt, our recommendation is that you rent a car.

Conclusion, what is the best outlet in Las Vegas?

We recommend the first on the list. If you have time, it is good that you also approach the other two. However, if you don't have a rental car, don't go to Fashion Outlets because of its location. Although it has the lowest prices, the difference is not so great as to waste time going back and forth.