The Stunning Lumahai Beach in Hawaii

This beach became famous when the movie “South of the Pacific” was filmed on its sands. The path to the Lumahai Beach is not easy to find and can be slippery, but the view of the beach and the waves crashing against the surrounding rocks is exceptional.

Lumahai Beach Hawaii
Lumahai Beach Hawaii

Rocks made of lava scattered across the mouth of the Lumahai Beach cause the water to have a cascading effect as it flows in and out of the terrain. The beach itself is a large, long stretch of sand, with a typical postcard appearance.

Swimming is another story. Strong currents, powerful waves and a significant undertow make this water an unsafe place to swim most of the time. It is advisable not to get too deep if we choose to get into the water.

We can see the occasional expert surfer trying his luck on the left side of the beach. On this same side of the beach, we have a torrent of fresh water which can help us cool off if the heat is too overwhelming.

Como puntos positivos para visitar esta playa, a pesar de los problemas de podernos bañar, tenemos un escenario realmente maravilloso, una impresionante arena y zonas de sombra, un arroyo de agua dulce en la propia playa. Los inconvenientes son que no hay vigilancia ni servicios para el público.

Lumahai Beach Hawaii
Lumahai Beach Hawaii

This beach is ideal if you want to get away from everything and everyone, whether with your partner, family or alone. It is a perfect place to take a book, a photo or video camera, your favorite music, and simply enjoy what surrounds you. Go at the time you go, possibly the maximum number of people you see, does not exceed a dozen.

As in most of the beaches that we can find in Hawaii, we will find our particular paradise in any of these small redoubts, and this beach can undoubtedly be one of them.

Where do I stay and where do I eat?

There are no accommodation resources or places to eat on Lumahai beach, so if we plan to stay all day, it is best that we take what we will need to eat and be on the beach. The closest we have to stay is Kauai. Being a beach in a totally natural state, we will have to find our own means to get to this beach, either by renting a vehicle or someone taking us.

Lumahai Beach Map