List of Largest Cities in Michigan (with Map & Photos)

The skyline of Detroit, the largest city in Michigan.

Michigan is a state in the Midwestern regions of the United States. The state of Michigan is the tenth most populous state in the United States. The largest city is Detroit, while the capital is Lansing. It has a population of 9,922,576. They are 76% White, 14.2% African American, 2.4% Asian American, 2.3% White Hispanic, and 2.3% Multiracial. Michigan is the 13th largest economy in the US with a gross state product of $417.306 billion in 2014. The unemployment rate is 5%.

Largest City in Michigan
Largest City in Michigan

The state of Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline in the world, as all four Great Lakes border it, including Lake Saint Clair. Michigan is the leading recreational boating state in the US It has numerous inland lakes and ponds. Michigan has a continental climate, with the upper peninsula having shorter, hot summers and longer, cooler winters, while the lower peninsula has a more temperate climate with hot summers and cold winters.

Largest cities in Michigan


Detroit ranks first among the largest cities in Michigan. It was founded on July 24, 1701 by a French explorer and is home to 713,777 people. The low population is the result of industrial reconstruction, suburbanization, and the decline of Detroit's auto industry that led people to migrate to its suburbs and other states in search of employment. Today, the state is focused on becoming a metropolitan center and economic center of the Midwest. The economic distress in the country continues, but conditions are improving. The city has a variety of neighborhood types: the revitalized downtown, new downtown, and downtown have high densities with many historic buildings, while the outskirts of the city and the northwest are sparsely populated. Downtown Detroit is the best retirement city in the United States. Southwest Detroit is experiencing an economic boom thanks to new housing projects, increased business openings like the Mexicantown International Welcome Center. Despite its financial difficulties, Detroit is a beautiful metropolitan city.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is the largest city in western Michigan. Located about 30 miles east of Lake Michigan, the great city is home to the top 5 global office furniture companies, hence the nickname “Furniture City”. It has a population of 188,040 with an economically diversified community in health care, automotive, aviation, information technology, and consumer goods. The city thrives on the banks of the Great River. The river valley is narrow and flat with steep hills and cliffs. The countryside is an amalgamation of mixed woodland with farmland and orchards to the northwest. The city is also home to the John Ball Zoological Garden, the Gerald R. Ford Museum, and Belknap Hill, which are major tourist destinations in the state.

Michigan's largest cities do not always qualify as Michigan's major cities or most livable cities. There are cities with low crime rates, quality education, strong communities and housing, and big cities fall short of these qualities. However, the smaller towns and municipalities offer the best living conditions.

Huntington Woods

Located in southeastern Michigan's Oakland County, Huntington Woods offers Detroit's best suburban living. The "city of homes" is primarily residential. In Michigan, Huntington Woods ranks No. 2. With a population of about 6,310, the median household income is $87,086, nearly 132% higher than Michigan, while the per capita income of the city ​​is $45,264. The median household income in the city is 121% higher than in Michigan. The city provides you with all the amenities you need in life. From grocery stores, schools, parks, public transportation, restaurants, and libraries. The crime rate in the city is 48% lower than Michigan's average crime rate.


Birmingham is also one of the major cities in Michigan. The city of Birmingham is exceptionally livable and the best place to live in Michigan. Ranked #1 in the state of Michigan thanks to A plus social services and security. The crime rate is 57% lower than Michigan. Household income stands out, 118% higher than the average. The median property value is 209% higher than the state average. From luxury homes to luxurious condominiums, property in the city is top notch. There are many homeowners in Birmingham other than rentals. Educational facilities are in top condition with a 16% increase in high school graduation than in the state of Michigan.

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